Video Review: Clean Bandit & Julia Michaels “I Miss You”

A triangle forms over the train tracks. As it grows smaller, revealing a railing and grainy sand, Julia Michaels steps into the frame. She steps out again and two triangles forms, dissolving into a suburb. The triangle, erected in the train tracks, stays as Michaels walks away. Clean Bandit play their instruments. A larger triangle forms.

Michaels continues to sing with the a member of Clean Bandit on the train tracks. She is squeezed into another triangle with the other member of Clean Bandit. On another set of train tracks, two male members of Clean Bandit play their instruments.

Back on the first set of train tracks, Michaels bows her head and a square is formed, dropping to the ocean below. A section of the ocean becomes a circle and floats overhead. Another triangle of the ocean forms once Michaels steps into the frame while she walks on the grainy rock by the train tracks.

Duplicates of the drummer playing his instrument is imposed, in square shape, right in the center of the mountain. While she walks in a tunnel, another triangle is erected behind her.

Returning to the first set of train tracks, she bows her head again and the camera races far away. A train now waits at the station. A member of Clean Bandit wields two poles of fire. Michaels swings a hula hoop around her waist on top of the piano as the last bit of daylight disappears.

Michaels sits on the piano as the members of Clean Bandit play by the train tracks. It becomes a square. The square becomes superimposed as the sun sets over the ocean. The screen gets cut up into several triangles. Michaels sits on top of the piano and the Clean Bandit stop playing their instruments.

Rating: 1/5

Circles, triangles and squares shred the blue-collar landscapes, minimizing the hardships of the laid off railroad workers. No one is one the road. The downtrodden area of Los Angeles hasn’t recovered. The out of touch shapes deflect the problems and opts to stay silent on any social issue commentary.

However, the beach and mountains are rendered irrelevant due to the interrupting shapes, cutting apart the ocean piece by piece. The beaches and mountains may as well been put on sale and sold for pennies on the market. Its natural beauty chopped and drilled until its exists as a mere picture on travel blogs.

Directors: Clean Bandit Year: 2017

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