Video Review: Liam Payne “Bedroom Floor”

Early morning, a young woman (Bella Thorne) sits in bed, in her underwear, wearing her boyfriend’s watch. She looks at the nightstand and leftover glass of beer from last night. She sighs and her eyes well up.

Liam Payne gets up from the side of the bed and walks out.

She had danced with him at the bar last night.

She looks to see his suit and tie on a the chair then she bites her lip. Payne dances next to her on the dance floor, his back towards her. He stands by the kitchen counter.

At the kitchen counter, she waves his phone in his wanting, demanding answers. She rolls it back at him on the counter and puts her hands in the air, telling to him to shut up. She waves her arms towards the door, kicking him out of her house. She puts her hands on the counter and takes several deep breaths. Head in her heads, she sits in the corner.

He dives off the board and she rises in her lounge chair to watch him.  She hovers over him as he rests his hands on the concrete, waiting for a kiss. In the bedroom, her top is flung to the floor.

Her jaw drops as she sees another woman play with a strand of his hair as she exits the bathroom. She leaves. He turns around and realizes she saw everything.

After getting dressed, she picked up his clothes and smirks. She throws them in the pool and walks back inside.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman shouldn’t have taken him at his word.  However, she wanted to believe him. He had told her he didn’t care about the other woman talking to him. She had nothing to worry about. Their relationship was secure.

She should’ve listened to herself. His phone was constantly buzzing and he was checking his messages all the time. He told her it was for work. She nodded her head as he went on about some project and data analysis. In his work, he doesn’t have projects. He cold calls people all day.

She confronted him and he denied everything. She even questioned him about his job. It occurred to her that maybe she really doesn’t know who she’s living with and perhaps made a hasty decision. She threw him out and then through his expensive department store suits into the pool, ruining them. She knows she can do better.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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