Video Review: Monica “Before You Walk Out Of My Life”

Monica sits on the curb in front of her house, a chair in her bedroom and the on the roof of her second-story house. Her boyfriend walks down the sidewalk, glancing over his shoulder, gazing up at her window.

They sit together on the couch. He waits for her to say something. She taps her fingers against her arm, her lips pursed. He gets up from the couch. Her boyfriend carries a large box and hands it to her father.

She sits on the stairs, leading to her room, her head down.

A camera is set up on an old drawer on the driveway. She puts her arm on his shoulder while he holds a paintbrush. and points. She takes the photo from him and he looks over her shoulder at it. He shakes his head and they take more pictures. From the backseat, she helps her steer the wheel while teaching him how to drive.

She sits at the dining table, her finger on her temple. He looks at her one more time as he opens the door.

They run up to her room after taking photos. She stares at her birthday cake and blows out the candles.

An hour later, he runs back to her house and notices that she’s still sitting on the second-story roof. He walks inside and leans over her window, hugging her. She smiles, her first genuine one for the day.

Rating: 3.5/5

Monica didn’t think she passed the biology test on Friday. Her boyfriend quizzed her for most of the week. However, she doesn’t want to go to class on Monday and see the F. Her parents tried to cheer up on Saturday, singing “Happy Birthday” to her. She smiled and went back to her room.

Her boyfriend came over to help paint the house with her. He asked her what was wrong. She snapped at him and refused to talk to him. He sat with her, waiting for her to calm down and tell him what’s on her mind. Finally, after two hours of silence, he wished her “Happy Birthday” again and left.

It was good to have him around. However, he brought up the test after painting. She didn’t want to talk about school. She had finally forgotten about it and he reminded her. She put the cake he brought her in the fridge and decided to sit on the roof for a while.

He comes back later and hugs her. She laughs, grateful that he knew she needed to be alone and didn’t really mean what she said. Her moods don’t scare him anymore. She thinks he became numb to them sometime around fifth grade. He’s been her best friend since kindergarten and she knows he always will be.

Director: Kevin Bray Year: 1995

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