Video Review: Christina Milian & Joe Budden “Whatever U Want”

Christina Milian stands at the call box on the side of the highway, waiting for the customer service representative from Joe’s Auto. She puts the phone on her shoulder and tells her friends to be quiet. They exchange looks as they lean against the stalled car.

A tow truck drives pulls her car down the highway. Joe Budden stands in his auto shop, rapping. Milian sits against the bumper on the ground as she waits.

Joe stops in front of his shop. A mechanic points to his co-workers while her friends get out of the truck. Milian dances at the entrance as the men watch. Her friends flirt with the mechanics. One of her friends put her hands on her chest in amazement as they explain how the engine works.

Joe opens the door and shakes hands with one of his employees at the desk. Her friends sit on lounge chairs at the entrance and drink water. The mechanics throw water at their chests. Joe sets Milian on the counter. Milian and her friends dance near their car as the mechanic’s station.

They sit at the table and start to play cards. One of her friends whispers  about the surprised mechanic at the other side of the counter. Another friend takes off her shirt. A mechanic takes off his shirt. Milian dangles her keys. The shirtless mechanic is all in. Her friends cheer as they see she’s won. They drive off in a sports car.

She and her friends take off their clothes in front of the stalls and let the water hit them. While the young women dance, the men sneak into the yard and steal their clothes. They finish and notice they don’t have anything to wear. They take the men’s clothes off the line.

She and her friends dance in the hotel parking lot.

Milian leans against the wall, dancing.

The young men come back to the clothesline. She and her friends tell them to give them their clothes. The young men chuckle at their prank but hand the clothes to them.

She and her friends walk back to the car.

Rating: 3.5/5

The car had sputtered, hobbling along the road. Drivers were giving Christina Milian and telling her to turn on her flashers. She saw a callbox and pulled to the shoulder. After finding the number on the back of her card, she called her insurance and asked for Joe’s Auto.

Joe Budden, owner of the shop, was a good friend. She knew he wouldn’t cheat her or exaggerate the problems. She and her friends had been looking forward to the road trip. A week ago, she had the truck checked out and it was okay. Yesterday, though, an engine light began to ding. She shrugged. It usually nothing.

With their day at the beach cancelled, she and her friends hung out at the entrance of the shop. They played a game of “strip” poker, shocking the mechanic behind the counter. They guys thought they didn’t know how to play and asked to be to dealt a hand. He nodded, saying they were good and then put bet his keys, believing it would be an easy win. However, to his dismay, they won. They exchanged personal information.

On the way to the hotel, they congratulate Milian on her win. As a team, the young women have beat several groups of naive men who think they are being cute. An ex-boyfriend of Milian’s had taught her. After the relationship was over, Milian had her friends over and they started their own tournaments, betting gift certificates to their favorite stores. A friend of hers even went on to a televised national tournament and won enough money to quit her job.

Director: N/A Year: 2004

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