Video Review: Ed Sheeran “Perfect”

On the train to Austria, Ed Sheeran stares at a photo of him and his best friend (Zoey Deutch) kissing him on the cheek at a school dance. A small smile crosses his face and folds the photo back, tucking it into his pocket.

He peers into the window and sees her thanking the server for her coffee inside the cafe. He walks in and waves. She ruffles his hair. In the corner of her eye, she spots several of their friends from school. She exclaims “oh my god!” and runs up to them, giving them hugs. One of his friends greets him and they all walk out the cafe together.

While driving, Sheeran looks into the mirror and sees her smiling. She hears a song and the radio and turns it up. He watches as she and one of their friends sing in the backseat, their heads touching.

At the ski resort, his friends perform backflips. He slides on rail and then loses his balance in the snow. She pulls him up and then walks backwards with him to help. They crisscross one another as they ski. She wipes out at least once.

On the ski lift, they cuddle close together and he whispers in her ear. They put their tongues on the pole. They sit next to one another in the snow, talking as their friends light sparklers. Their friends glide in the snow, attaching the sparkler to their skis, creating a fiery glow underneath them.

At a bar, they all take a shot from a plank. During karaoke, she asks him to join them. However, he says he can’t.  He walks out and she catches up with him. She throws a snowball at him and he turns around. They create snow angels and then get pizza.

As she takes off her jacket, she sees a note on the cardboard box: “I wrote a song for you.” They eat their pizza. A stray kitten peeks at them in the corner. He hands her a sweater. She climbs the ladder and gets him his guitar. Her eyes glisten as she listens to his heartfelt words. She looks at his creased photo of them from school.

She puts the lamp on the snow and they dance while the snow falls. They have their first kiss and find the stray kitten. They continue to dance by the mountains and kiss again. She lies on his chest as they sleep.

Rating: 5/5

Ed Sheeran was the reason the young woman went on the ski trip. She had liked him since she was fourteen. However, he was quiet and writing in his notebook between classes. She couldn’t read him and he seemed to roll his eyes at the schmaltzy couples making out in the hall. But she talked to him whenever she could and managed to get him out of his shell.

If it wasn’t for the young woman, he wouldn’t have his best friends. She seemed to sense he was lonely and would start a conversation about anything that was on her mind. She had so much energy and was such a goofball, he couldn’t help but admire her. He figured though that she was interested in one of her guy friends and didn’t say anything.

On their ski trip, he decided the time was now. He’d been thinking about her and hoped they would have a chance to be alone. Some sexual tension had existed in their relationship. However, their conversations online had changed from informal to intimate. The timing was finally right. He sang her his song, declaring his feelings. She was crying, telling him thank you and giving him a hug.

As they talked, she told him it was something she had wanted for a long time but wasn’t certain. He said he believed she liked someone else and was out of her league. Tears in her eyes, she said it wasn’t possible. Her guy friends are like brothers to her. They had nudged her in his direction several times but she had been scared. He grins as some of the conversations with their friends are put into context. She kisses him. They are now they couple they had always wanted to be.

Director: Jason Koenig Year: 2017

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