Video Review: Taylor Dayne “I’ll Be Your Shelter”

Charcoal clouds swirl through the midnight blue sky. Two young men sit in a vintage road. On top of a house, a weather vane revolves in even, cautious turns.

Taylor Dayne views the impending storm from her window. Empty glasses sit on the bar.

In the speeding wind, a young man sets up a tent and sits inside it. She stands in her backyard, her towels whipping on the clothesline. She sits on a chair by the vintage chair.

A young man climbs a tower and turns out the lights. Lightning strikes as she walks past the car and into the tent. She rubs her arm as she sings. Another young man picks up his guitar and begins to play. The two young men get out of their cars to watch Dayne. Several other men, their hats dripping from the onslaught of rain, gather at the tent and listen.

The lightning hits the spotlight, causing sparks to fly over the tower. She looks at the blaring headlights of the vintage car and sees a young man inside. Some of the men remove their hats, amazed by her talent. She walks off stage.

Rating: 2/5

It was an emotionally draining day. The melancholy of the gloomy weather seeped into her room. She had dressed up in her favorite party dress even though she had nowhere else to go. For an hour, it made her feel wanted and sensual again. She stared at the empty glasses on the bar and then touches her forehead. In the pouring rain, she decides to take a walk.

A young man sets up shelter on a field and sits inside. The weather reports had mentioned storms for the past week. He was looking forward to the peacefulness of the rain splattering the tent and the chill in his bones. In the distance, he heard a young woman singing. As she approached, he went up to the tower and turned on the spotlight. She seemed damaged and alone. He wanted to help.

She decided to sing in the tent and a crowd of men had started getting out of their cars. They were in awe of her, wondering who she was and wanting to know her. However, she had left before anyone could learn her name.

Director: Dominic Cena Year: 1990

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