Video Review: Duran Duran “Rio”

Against a black screen, a woman’s (Reema Ruspoli) smile is captured as circles rotate around her face. The two circles merge into one as the photo is stretched is on the screen.

In Antigua, Nick zooms in on the woman sprawled out on the dock, tanning in the sun and takes a photo. The screen splits into three, zeroing in on her legs, as she walks on the dock. John, wearing sunglasses, rises from the water and peers at her chest. as the woman stands on the dock.

Nick, Andy, Simon and John roll some balls on the deck while the yacht sways in the Caribbean ocean. They watch as the woman, with pink spotted feet walks on the deck. Water sprays on while she sits on the beach, cleaning the kelly green paint off her body.

She turns her head from left to right, spotting the band between the branches of a tree as they walk on the sand. In a tilted split screen of a cut up beach photo, Simon leans on the ground while the woman sucks a popsicle and watches the waves. In a single shot, painted is poured on butt.

On the beach, Nick approaches her as she walks back onto the sand and lets a crab bite his foot. He lifts up his foot and she rolls her eyes. She kicks him on the sand.

The woman hides on other side of the yacht as they sail. Nick looks into his compact mirror and moves it, seeing the young woman. On the beach, paint is poured the woman as she arches her body.

Underneath a burned orange sky, she stands on raft. She is offered a pink princess phone on a serving tray. Someone hands Simon a blue phone.  The screen splits into two as she talks to Simon. She waves to him and then pulls the cord, dunking him into the ocean. She laughs. Andy floats on another raft and reads a Fightin’ Army comic book.

In black-and-white, Andy runs on the beach, sword in hand. He stops at a young woman, whose champagne is overflowing in her glass, splashing on her stomach. A map is gradually added in blocks on the screen. A woman swims in the water.

On a tilted screen, the young woman throws a ball to Simon on the dock. An oversized ball appears on the screen and he falls into the ocean. She pulls him out with a fish net. He takes a pink colored drink from a floating tray and sips it underwater. The multi-colored painted woman tiptoes on the yacht, passing by Andy’s cabin.

Underneath an azure sky, Nick plays saxophone on a raft. The screen splits into two as he plays saxophone on some rock near the shore. The young woman lounges in the cabin as a band member spills champagne on the floor. Nick rides a horse on the beach. The woman washes herself with soap near the yacht. Simon dives into the water.

Simon sits on the stern of the yacht while the Nick, Andy and John hang onto the sails. The young woman winks at the camera. Nick and another band member mime playing the saxophone. Nick steers the yacht.  Simon snaps his fingers while he sits on the stern.

Rating: 5/5

Another weekend sailing the Caribbean. Simon, Andy, Nick and John, bored of the Caicos Islands, have decided to visit the Antigua area. They sip their champagne and martinis on the deck, letting the sun tan their bodies. In between, they dive into the ocean and track the whereabouts of a mysterious woman they have nicknamed Rio.

Rio, with her jet-black curls and wanton grin, have alluded them before. She traipses through the islands, transforming her body into a watercolor painting and sneaks onto yachts. They hope she chooses theirs one day.

Nonetheless, the dashing young men bumble around her once she emerges onto their yacht. They ply her with clichés and champagne, a ruse she knows all too well. She pulls Simon into the water and ignores Nick with his faux crab attack. To her, they are simple and naive, incapable of any original thought beyond the status of their trust funds.

Director: Russell Mulcahy Year: 1982

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