Video Review: K. Michelle “Birthday”

Electric blue and scarlet neon lights flash at the entrance of the club. K. Michelle rubs a woman’s shoulder and puts her fingers to her lips while they nuzzle by the wall.

Lit in a sordid blue, she sits on a shabby chair next to stacks of luggage. A woman with an afro sits across from her.

In the corner, she kisses the woman. A man and a woman lounge on opposite sides of the couch. Two men watch the women make out with one another.

Wearing a bra and panties, she sits on a large wicker chair while lit in electric blue. A split screen forms as she dances.

People dance while she performs at the club. A man closes the gate as he and his girlfriend enter the club. A woman runs her hand down a man’s chest.

K. Michelle walks into an apple red hallway with neon red lights attached to the side. She wears a matching bodysuit, slit at the chest and shows off her butt. The screen splits into two as she dances by the wall.

On stage, she holds up a woman’s pinstripe outfit.

Inside a bathroom, a woman fixes her hair in the mirror. Another woman sits on the toilet, head in her hands. The second woman shuts the door. A third woman smokes in the corner, watching her sing.

In a white blouse, she stands in the middle of the audience. Everyone starts to dance again at the same time. She smiles at the microphone.

Rating: 0/5

The club has been shut down twice. However, each time the owner has been able to find a legal reason to stay open. However, the complaints from the residents continued. At council meetings, they talked about syringes they find on the ground and the dealers hanging out in the streets until the early morning. A murder case was still ongoing.

Despite the problems, K. Michelle wasn’t going to cancel her show. She needed the money. Amidst the shady atmosphere, she could find anonymity. No one would say a word if she made out with another woman or took some pills. Each person was there to hide from themselves and to give into their guttural instincts.

She runs to the bathroom to vomit and sees two women already inside. The pale and sweaty woman groans and then shuts the door on her. She searches for a corner instead. A few minutes later, she wipes her mouth with her sleeve and returns for another song.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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