Video Review: Bon Jovi “Always”

At a neighborhood art fair, a person honks their horn the crowd. People pass by booths  and or cut through to get to the next street. Upstairs in an apartment, a young, blonde haired man (Jack Noseworthy)  sits on his bed, staring at a photo of a former girlfriend (Carla Gugino) and sighs.

One sunny afternoon, they took a road trip and he photographed in the field by the shoulder. They kissed as he drove down the highway, squealing the tires and nearly getting into an accident.

Jon Bovi Jovi sings at the microphone in an empty apartment.

He sits on a chair, filming her in their bedroom. She dances in her lingerie and picks up a chair. She places it by him and sits backwards, spreading her legs. They sleep together.

At a Halloween party, they watch as people swing from the ceiling at the club. He pours liquor down her throat and they stumble home, drunk and laughing. He whispers “shhh” to her as they walk past his girlfriend’s sister (Keri Russell), sleeping on the couch. She wakes up and rubs her face. She turns on the television and sees the sex tape they made. She giggles.

The next morning, his girlfriend kisses her sister on the cheek. He winks at her sister while holding onto his girlfriend’s waist. He and her sister watch television, glancing at one another every so often.

His girlfriend returns home with groceries. As she sets them on the table, she sees her boyfriend and sister in the bedroom. She covers her mouth, exclaiming “ohmigod!” to herself over and over. He pulls her shirtless sister by the waist and kisses her.  She throws a bag of groceries at them.

He peeks out the window to see where she is going. She walks and walks all night. She cries at the stairwell of one of her male friend’s apartment. Her male friend (Jason Wiles) and stares off into the distance.

Richie plays guitar in the apartment, joining Jon at the microphone.

As her male friend gets her some wine, she is in of his work on display. He starts to paint her and then pauses to take off her shirt. She unbuttons her blouse. The next morning, she feels for his body and realizes he’s gone. Sheet over her body, she touches the painting.

She calls her boyfriend, who picks her up. As he prepares to kiss her, he notices the canvas. He unwraps it and sees her naked body. Turning around, he finds a vase and throws it. She grips his wrist as he holds a knife, aiming for the canvas. However, he overpowers her and continues to stab at it. Tears in her eyes, she puts her hand up and walks down the stairwell. An explosion occurs.

He answers the fireman’s questions and then leaves without looking back.

In his bedroom, he imagines her standing by the wall, tipping her hat. He reaches out to touch her and she disappears.

Rating: 3/5

Her death was his fault. It will be on his conscience for as long he lives. He let his temper get the best of him. Perhaps if he listened to her, she would still be here today.

His former girlfriend’s sister usually stayed at their apartment. Her sister had moved into the area once she started college and his former girlfriend had given her an open invitation to stay over. Her sister was cute. They often bantered about her lack of studying and his love of daytime soaps. It lead to them almost sleeping together.

To this day, her sister calls him and asks him how he’s doing and expresses guilt for their actions. At the funeral, she could barely look him in the eye. Neither wanted to tell the family or the friends how she ended up at a friend’s apartment.

It was a freak accident. His former girlfriend had been at the wrong place at the wrong time. The fireman expressed his sympathy and said it wasn’t his fault. However, he drove her to visit one of her male friends and have a one-night stand. He was bored with his life, envying the characters he watched on his soaps. He wanted his life to as much spice. Instead, it destroyed the person he loved the most.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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