Video Review: Dua Lipa “Hotter Than Hell”

In a sparsely lit loft, people sit on the floor or on couches and drink. A tube television sits on a stand in the middle of the floor.

Dua Lipa walks in candied apple red light. A man sits on a chair, next to several house plants, filming the person across from him. She presses her hand against the teal lit brick hallway.

As the disco ball shimmers in the dark room, she rolls a second one in her lap. She stands against a rainforest painted on a wall.

Surrounded by all her friends, she sits on a chair in a room with two hanging light bulbs in the corner. With her jacket around her arms, she stands in the middle of the room. In a sky blue lit room, she swings her long ponytail.

Her friends relax on the couch. A few of them film one another. A woman dances in front of the rainforest painting. Multi-colored dots spot one of her friends dancing. She brushes a strand of hair back and puts her hand on the kelly green tinted brick wall. Blue flames rise underneath as the film continues to roll on the wall.

She draws a tattoo on her friend’s arm and touches her boyfriend’s face as they sit on the couch. A male friend stands against the rainforest painted wall. He closes his eyes while she sprinkles gold glitter on his chest.

Paint drips in large, multi-colored blobs as she dances against the wall. She sits sideways in a chair. A magenta colored reel highlighted with some lavender fills the screen.

Rating: 4/5

There had been a loft Dua Lipa had been eyeing for a while. She wanted to turn it into a studio for her friends and give them a place to create. It may be a gallery someday or even have offer classes.

Several of her friends want to be filmmakers and experiment with color. Some reels have flashes of magenta or teal. Some of her friends are artists. A disco ball becomes an installation, turning a human body into a leopard.

Then, there are days they lounge, fed up and depressed with their lives. They wonder if their work will ever get discovered or how they are going to pay their bills. They think of their crummy day jobs and plan escapes in their minds, knowing it’s only a fantasy.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2016

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