Video Review: Ashanti & Ja Rule “Happy”

Ja Rule talks in the backseat of a car. Irv Gotti sits next to him, nodding as the car turns the corner.

Outside Ashanti’s house, her friends call out for her. She waves her finger at them. Her mom snaps at her friends, telling them, “she’s comin'” and closes the door.  Ashanti combs her hair in front of the mirror and dances. Her little sister rolls her eyes. Ashanti teases her and sings in her face. Her sister gives her a playful shove. Ashanti and her friends dance in the driveway.

Ashanti snaps her fingers and bobs her head as she holds onto the steering wheel. She and her best friend sing along to the radio. Ashanti takes her hands off the wheel and her friends steps in, keeping them on the road.

At the hair salon, her friend offers her outfit suggestions. She nixes a pair of denim shorts and a fringed t-shirt. She chooses an aqua leopard print crop top and white shorts. A photo hangs in the hair salon of Ja Rule and his friends gambling on the sidewalk. She and her friends dance outside the hair salon.

People clap at a school. A banner hangs on the building, congratulating Ashanti. She parks at the school and dances with the kids in the crowd. Ashanti and her friends perform on a platform by the school. Ja Rule, carrying his son and Irv Gotti get out of the car. Ashanti gives Ja Rule a hug.

Rating: 2/5

“Come on, Ashanti! We’re going to be late,” her friends shout to her. She rolls her eyes. They can wait ten more minutes. The event is for her. She doubts they’ll miss anything. Her sister calls her a diva and she raises her chin. She walks downstairs and her mother says not to give any of those girls a penny. Her mother adds they haven’t shut up and they need to realize that things change. She kisses her mom on the cheek and dances with her friends.

Ashanti knows her friends from school don’t care if she’s famous. They stood by her after failed auditions and winced at every off-key note. Her friends really  want to meet Ja Rule, though. She does have an assistant now, who went to the mall and bought some outfits.

Her record company that thousands of people turned up for the event at her old elementary school. The children cheered for her and said they want to be like her when they grow up. They asked what it’s like to tour and if she has a crush on Ja Rule. She thanked the community for supporting her and then performed.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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