Video Review: Dierks Bentley “Black”

On a beach in Iceland, Dierks Bentley emerges from the ruins of a plane. He glimpses at the storm clouds and then sees a young woman (Cassidy Bentley), wearing a flowing black dress. Her hair twists in the wind as she glances at him. He begins to follow her.

They walk on a marbled mountain, divided into uneven patches. She stands in a cave and presses her hand against the fabric of her dress. The sun sets and rises again on their long walk. They continue on their path as it grows biting cold and icy. The waves heave to the shore.

They take shelter in a cave from the thunderstorm and make love. The tumultuous ocean waves tumble and crash, silencing their moans. He thinks of the waterfalls and kelly green lights from the sky.

He folds his hands in prayer near the ruins of the plane and searches for her in another cave.

Rating: 3/5

Dierks Bentley didn’t expect them to survive. As the plane nosedived, he squeezed his wife’s hand and they both prayed. In the brittle Icelandic cold, he was able to swim to shore. However, he felt his wife’s hand go limp behind him and she fell further into the water. Once he reached the shore, he sobbed.

She was later rescued. In the hospital, he told her it would be all right and they were lucky to be alive. She turned her head away and asked for the nurse. Once she returned home, she didn’t speak much at all. She quit her job and began going out all night. A month later, she had a new boyfriend and served him divorce papers.

A few months later, he visits Iceland again and views the ruins of the plane. He stands where he and wife sat. He wishes he could go back. In the distance, he sees a young woman wearing a black dress. It’s her.

He follows her through the mountains and into caves. He stays with her, braving out the storms and snow. However, he is usually a few steps behind. She is unreachable. Although they make love, it seems to be as a way to feel rather than out of any affection.

Director: Wes Edwards Year: 2016

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