Video Review: Keyshia Cole “Incapable”

A bartender opens a bottle of Martell and gives it a female server. The female server carries the tray to her table. People chatter over the clinking of the person playing the piano. A woman defends her point of view to the her male friends. Keyshia Cole, wearing a fur shrug and a strapless dress, walks into the bar with her boyfriend. A young woman with a bun glances over shoulder as she sees them arrive. Cole puts her hand on his chest and asks him if he needs anything. He says he’s okay and sits down. The young woman with the bun walks past him and looks at him again.

In the bathroom, a second young female applies foundation on her chin and asks the young woman with a bun if she saw Keyshia at all. The young woman answers “yes” and then adds, “Keyshia is someone I really look up to. Too bad her man is stepping out on her.” Cole, listening at the door, takes a step back. The second young woman wants to know if that’s a confession. The young woman with a bun remains silent and the second woman tells her she “needs to figure that out.” Cole walks away. They both leave the bathroom.

On stage, Cole begins to sing.

Back at the table, Cole sits next to her boyfriend and stares at the polished finish of the table. Her boyfriend glances at the young woman with a bun. The young woman walks to the bar, staring at him as she heads to the counter.

The audience raises their arms with Cole and then surround her, nodding their heads in unison.

He tells Cole he’s going to the bar. The young woman with a bun perks up once he orders the drinks at the counter. While he sits at the table, he claps. Cole spills a drink on him and the young woman with a bun pokes out her head, her mouth forming a thin line. Cole walks away as he curses and gestures at his suit.

Rating: 5/5

Keyshia Cole had been looking forward to the night at the bar all week. It had been a month or two since she and her boyfriend last went out on an official date. He hadn’t been around much and things had been fractured between them. However, he had been talkative with her during the week and for the first time in two months, she breathed, believing everything was okay.

On her way to the bathroom, she overheard her close friends talking. Her one friend, the dancer, with a bun, had said she admired Cole. Cole smiled to herself. Her dancer friend had been struggling for a while and they had helped her out. She had even stayed for over for a few weeks. Then, her friend added that her boyfriend was cheating on her and admitted that it was her.

The betrayal drained her of her self-esteem within moments. However, the strength from the performer on stage inspired her to act, reminding her she is a whole woman without a man by her side. She tosses the drink on him and leaves to begin her new life.

Director: Mike Ho Year: 2017

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