Video Review: Naked Eyes “(There’s) Always Something There To Remind Me”

An umbrella over his head , Pete watches his ex-girlfriend kiss her husband on the steps of the church.

At work, Pete shuffles papers on Rob’s desk for an investigative piece they are working on regarding his ex-girlfriend’s husband. Rob talks with his source, fielding questions about transactions. Pete reads the newspaper headline again: “Surprise Wedding!” and flips through notecards.

Pete stops at the newstand and opens it to the interview with her new husband. Inside the hotel room, he stands in the corner as a photographer rushes in and snaps a photo. She grins as she answers questions. He asks her a question and she runs out the door, ending the press conference. He sits in a chair by himself after his colleagues have gone.

Lit in electric blue, Pete walks across the street and into a cafe. She smiles at him while she dances with her husband. Photographers race inside and her husband grabs her arm, leading her outside. The reporters follow, holding their notepads up in the air. He watches from the steps. Rob continues to work on the story. His secretary turns off the lamp on his desk.

A paperboy tosses the latest edition of the newspaper on Pete’s driveway. He reads the headline: “Courtroom Drama.” Photographers snap her photos and reporters pummel his ex-girlfriend with questions as she leaves the courthouse. Hands in his pockets, he watches as she enters the backseat of a car and drives off. Pete calls someone at a telephone booth. In a bedroom, his ex-girlfriend puts on her shoes and runs out.  Rob and Pete continue to work on the developing story.

He kneels down at a park bench, reading the newspaper. His ex-girlfriend walks past him and looks to him. He drops the newspaper and rushes to her.  A black-and-white photo is taken of her.

Rating: 5/5

Pete had to clear his ex-girlfriend’s name. The wedding had shocked the entire state. Her husband was on track to becoming the state’s next senator. His campaign had already started. Rumblings in some circles had hinted it was to distract from a larger issue.  Demure and personable, his ex-girlfriend was the perfect political wife, designed to trap the media into reporting fluff stories.

Pete hounded his colleague, Rob that she had no involvement. She was a true romantic and believed her husband loved her. Rob told him that she was his blind spot and he had to realize that it was possible she was on it. Her husband’s investments were being called into question. How could she not know her husband was laundering money into several businesses? Could she really be that dense?

In court, she was grilled about growing up poor, the defense attorney twisting her image of an opportunistic young woman. Her husband was going to get away with beating her. He continued to work on her story, asking every source he had at the courthouse for information. Pete called her, informing her of a tip he received the judge that he will be tried for several counts of racketeering.

They decide to reunite at the park. She thanks him for his help and says she’s planning on divorcing him. She invites him for coffee at their favorite cafe.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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