Video Review: Breathe “Hands To Heaven”

A cab driver stops at a church. David opens the door and pauses before he closes it. In black-and-white, he walks on the lawn, his body a gray shadow outlined in black.

Inside, a young woman pirouettes en pointe in front of the window. A cello leans against the wall and piano sits in the corner. To the left of the screen, she lifts the ends of her skirt and twirls. David sings against a black background.

Against a black background, David folds his hands in prayer and puts his hands on his arms. The church room appears as the young woman continues to dance. In black-and-white, they hug, which is superimposed over the two images. The young woman fades into the black.

Underneath an electric blue spotlight, she turns. She kicks up her leg against the black background. In the upper right hand corners, Phil and Spike play their instruments. The young woman dances in shadow as David sings. In black-and-white, he turns his head.

In the room, Breathe perform.

As David sings against the black background, she reaches with her hand, her side becoming gray. She continues to spin.

Continuing in black-and-white, David leaves the church, rubbing his forehead. He walks back inside the cab, shutting the door while the driver sleeps, his cheek resting on the open window.  In color, the cab driver tells him to wake up and shakes his head. He blinks and then smiles. As the cab driver speeds off, he continues to look at the church.

Rating: 2/5

His girlfriend was a beautiful dancer. She had been auditioning at various companies for a job. After a brutal cut from a local company, she cried on his shoulder, sobbing that she won’t ever achieve her dream. She got a job as a server within the week. It gutted him to see her return home, rubbing her feet and smelling of fried food.

The following month, he received a letter in the mail, congratulating his girlfriend on becoming a member of a national well-known company. He put his hand over his mouth and wailed. She had died a couple of days ago in a car accident, believing she was a failure. It wasn’t fair. She deserved her chance. She had worked for years, sacrificing any stability for herself. It was her time.

He visits the church to pray for her and sees her dancing by the window, finding the peace that alluded her while she was alive. Someday, he hopes to watch her perform with the legends she spoke of when he joins her in heaven.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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