Video Review: Mariah Carey “The Star”

In an animated desert, a star shines on Mariah Carey.

From the film, a star bursts through the window, startling Mary. She folds her hands in prayer. In a barn, Bo tilts his head as he watches the star glow. Three camels (Felix, Cyrus, and Deborah) look up at the night sky. A row of birds sitting on a ledge turn their heads one at a time.  Abby, a mouse, shakes her fist at the person who kicked her and runs from the plastic jar.

Multiple stars glimmer in the sky as Carey stands with her hands placed on the small of her back.

The three Wiseman clomp through the desert as they ride on their camels. In bed, Joseph takes Mary’s hand, waking her up. They stare at one another. Bo leaps over the fence.

Carey smiles as she views the sun rise in the soft pink sky. She reaches out to it with her hand.

The Three Wiseman approach the village and present their gifts to King Herod. The camels eavesdrop at the door. Bo falls down the mountain and a sheep, Ruth lands on his back and then smiles next to him. Joseph gives Mary a kiss on her forehead. Joseph pulls Mary, who is sitting on the cart. Ruth and Bo look at one another and run to catch up to them. King Herod’s head soldier bows his head while two dogs (Thaddeus and Rufus) growl.

Carey pushes her arm past her sides as the sun sets.

Bo grabs Mary’s scarf and pulls her. Ruth follows the cart as Joseph runs, following Mary and Bo. Joseph, Mary, Bo and Ruth admire the midnight blue sky. The herd of sheep watch the stars in amazement. Dave flaps his wings, calling to his friends for help. In the thundering rain, the head soldier snaps his dog’s metal chain and they cower. The animals attack the head soldier.

In the manger, Bo tiptoes to Mary and Joseph, wanting to see the baby.

Morocco and Monroe sing with another child sing to the stars.

Bo cuddles by Mary as she holds the baby and pets him.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mary and Joseph are an everyday married couple who are expectant with a child. With Mary due soon, Joseph searches for a place where she can have the baby. He pulls her on the cart for days until a couple of animals find them and lead the way.

Nonetheless, the animals sense a shift in the universe with the magical star. Bo is an innocent donkey who, despite himself, realizes he needs Mary and Joseph as a family. Ruth, who is a bit of a prima donna, speaks of her faith and fills Bo in on the magical star. Deborah, Felix and Cyrus know bits of the story are being hid from them and try to learn more.

On Christmas Day, some people will hear the story again in a sermon during Mass. They can repeat it word for word, timing it to the exact minute. Mary and Joseph are holy figures, shielded from sin and held to the highest standard. They are beings far beyond any human capacity.

Viewing them as regular people in “The Star” may shatter illusions for those who already believe. However, Mary and Joseph, along with the animals, present various point of views regarding faith and what it means to them. Bo seems to be agnostic, aware of spirituality but is inclined to take things at face value. Ruth believes, even though she is dismissed by her herd. The King Herod sees the birth as political and strikes. Mary and Joseph come to terms with their beliefs, accepting they are chosen by God.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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