Video Review: Hailee Steinfeld, Alesso, Florida Georgia Line & watt “Let Me Go”

Lit through a creamy white filter, Hailee Steinfeld talks with one of the stylists in the dressing room. A male stylists pulls clothes off a rack.

In a buttermilk colored robe, she sits on a stool against a crushed black velvet background.

Stylists fix her hair as she sits in the chair and then stares in the mirror. She laughs at a joke while the stylist brushes her hair. She rests her hand on her thigh.

In home video footage, she and her ex-boyfriend (Dom Fenison) climb a mountain. His arm around her shoulder, they take in the view. She points the camera towards them and gives him a kiss on the cheek. He grins as he puts his hand in front of the camera.

On the ride home, she slides against the window and raises her arm in the air. She closes her eyes as the wind hits her face. She dangles her feet as she sits on the hood of the car. They watch the sun set. She rests her head on his lap on the hood of the car.

Tyler and Brian hike in the forest. They sit in chairs at their campsite.

At the stadium, fans wait for Steinfeld. Photographers take pictures of her as she walks down the hallway. She performs on stage in as dry ice swells behind her.

Disco balls spin  as they hang in the ceilings in the pure white room. watt sits on a couch and plays his guitar. Alesso and watt clink their champagne glasses as Steinfeld talks with watt. She and watt schmooze on the couch.

She stares into the mirror as her manager hands her paperwork to sign.

She and her boyfriend dance on the campground, next to table with a tray of candles on it. He approaches her as she sits at the bus stop. They lean into one another, letting their foreheads touch. She puts both hands on his cheeks and he walks away.

She breaks down on stage, turning her head away from the audience and shaking her head.

Rating: 3.5/5

Hailee Steinfeld won’t ever have a normal life. However, it’s something she wanted for her ex-boyfriend. On their camping trip, their conversations were minimal as they hiked the trail and climbed the mountains. For a weekend, she didn’t have anyone fluffing her hair or reading her schedule out loud. She shut her phone off and decided to let herself be.

While getting ready for the show, she thinks of her weekend with him. He really was a great guy. He liked pop culture but didn’t harbor any illusions about Hollywood. To him, she was Hailee, a working actress going to work every day and job hunting like all his friends. As a writer himself, he understood her desire to create.

As she turned her phone back on, she saw a dozen text messages from her manager. They contained blurry photos of she and her boyfriend together, soon to be posted on a gossip blog. It had to end. His social media accounts would become a target as reporters would sift through every photo, searching for her. His life would be chaos. She prepares a statement with her manager as she waits at the bus stop.

On stage, she sings some of the lyrics, which remind her of him. She thinks of him back home, going to bed to early for work the next morning. She wonders what he will think of her as he hears her song on the store’s radio as he stocks shelves. To her, he was everything and someone she won’t ever forget.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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