Video Review: The Cranberries “Linger”

In black-and-white, a lightbulb flashes and Dolores’ eye appears inside. The film reel starts counting from eight.  A television is fuzzy as it stands on a vending machine inside a store.

A flashlight searches a bathroom sink and then hovers over a bespectaled stern man’s framed photo on the wall. A flame from a cigarette lighter flickers. The detective walks down the hallway of the hotel, finding dangling keys hanging on hooks. He flashes the circles of light on Dolores as she sings in her room.

A young woman sits up on a bed. A second young woman places her hand on her lip. The detective listens to their conversation. The young woman brushes the bottom of her lip in the bathroom.

Dolores leans against a brick wall.

The detective takes photo of the first young woman.

Dolores drives to a vacant electronics store. Noel, Mike and Fergal stand underneath a lightbulb in a narrow room. She hides behind a door as the detective eyes her a few inches away. Dolores walks past the first young woman, who turns her head as she hold her cigarette.

Dolores walks into a room, where several men are watching a silent film starring Blaze Starr. A man glances at Starr while he smokes his cigar as he leaves the room. Dolores walks up the stairs. From the elevator, Noel, Mike and Fergal walk into the lobby and down the hallway. The images of the young women are inverted as the detective takes their photo. Noel, Mike and Fergal hide from a thirtysomething man.

Dolores enters her room.

Rating: 5/5

Dolores, a citzen of Alphaville,  is struggling to repress her emotions in the retelling of Jean-Luc Godard’s dystopic 1965 film of the same name. She walks down the hallway of the hotel, her mouth drawn, to stave off her restlessness. The detective follows her, discovering people lurking in their rooms, communicating their emotions with their eyes.

She leads him to Natascha, who talks to a similar looking female friend. Natascha examines herself in the mirror as her friend brushes past her hair. Natascha, as trained by the city’s dictator, does not acknowledge the affectionate gesture.

He finds, through Dolores, men finding ways to release their sexual urges while watching Blaze Starr in their room. They smoke and glance in the corner, leaving when their emotions begin to surface.

Noel, Mike and Fergal hide from a thirtysomething man, sent to take them in for questioning. They shouldn’t have laughed. They tried covering their mouths but their snorts still could be heard. All three were reported. Neither has left the other alone since. They travel together, on the lookout for a thirtysomething man who seems slides into the hotel. However, the thirtysomething man is only a sliver away and the execution is inevitable.

As a retelling, it explores the characters coping with their bubbling emotions, which by law, they can’t feel. They trick themselves into numbness or wander to fight it off.

Director: Melodie McDaniel Year: 1993

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