Video Review: Selena Gomez & Marshmello “Wolves (Version 1)”

Selena Gomez, wearing a Cushnie et Ochs dress, holds onto the wall as she gently steps in Aquazurra heels in the foggy sandstone lit shower of a closed swimming pool. She turns her head as she hears the surveillance camera mounted on the wall, The shower head turns on as she slides down the wall.

Wearing an Alexander Vauthier plunging high slit dress, she walks down the cobalt blue lit hallway.

She crawls around her in the shower and pushes her wet hair back. Several television screens replay her crawling around in the shower.

Wearing The ROW long satin coat and wide-leg pants with a Fluer de Mal bra underneath, she lies down on the bench near the pool.

In the cobalt blue lit hallway, she stands underneath the spotlight and touches her chest.

On the diving board, wearing an Elie Saab plunging embellished gown, she steadies herself.

She stands by the wall, wearing a Paco Rabanne dress.

Her necklace and bracelet drop into the pool as she waves her arms on the diving board.

The water swishes her feet as she walks in the middle of the pool, wearing a Alexander Vauthier purple feather dress. Her eyes, lit a lapis blue, look to the right as its superimposed to the left of the screen. Marshmello’s mask floats in the pool.

In the high slit dress, she stares into the camera. It shuts off.

Rating: 3.5/5

There’s a transformation going on underneath Selena Gomez’s skin. The bones press further, poking through her body. Her eyesight has become sharper and the slightest noise thunders inside her head. She hasn’t said a word to anybody about it, fearful they may dismiss her concerns as a breakdown.

With her newfound strength, she is able to break into the local swimming pool a couple blocks from her home and compose herself. She turns on the shower, hoping it would cool her off. However, it only heightens her primal instincts as she starts to crawl.

Her mind buzzing, she steps onto the diving board, wanting to test her relaxes. However, being unable to swim, she decides to try to maintain her balance. She discovers, though, a touch from her body can solidify water or any liquid surface, enabling her to get across.

She eyes the security camera and a violent rush simmers through her veins as she weighs the threat of it. She considers leaping towards it and ripping it from the wall. Slowly, her human side begins to recede.

Director: N/A Year: 2017


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