Video Review: Shontelle “Impossible”

Shontelle, wearing sunglasses, sets her luggage on the ground and opens the motel room door. The digital clock reads 12:14 pm. On the dining table is a plane ticket for a late night flight. She sits on the bed and takes off her gloves.

She sings against a bright white background.

At the recording studio, her boyfriend (Steph Jones) plays the keyboard.  He grins once he she sits next to him. She puts on the headphones and listens to him play a song she wrote. They kiss.

In the motel room, she moves the curtain aside and looks outside.

She writes lyrics in her notebook in her bedroom and then gazes at the people walking by in the city to their 9 to 5 jobs. A microphone is attached to her computer, a gift from her parents.

She walks in with coffee and gives her a boyfriend a kiss on the forehead. He shoos her away. On her bed, she scratches out the entire bridge. She and her boyfriend fight.

Her boyfriend celebrates with his friends. He makes a toast to his success and shows off his plaque. She walks inside and bites her lip. At her vanity, she reads the contract, her hand over her mouth.

She stands on the balcony, overlooking the beaches and wealthy suburbs of Los Angeles. In black-and-white, she remembers her recording with him. As he sleeps on the couch, she kisses him on the forehead and takes her demo from underneath his chin. Carrying her luggage, she walks out. The cab driver opens the door for her and she gets inside.

Rating: 4/5

Shontelle and her boyfriend were going to conquer the music world together, setting trends and attending industry parties as a team. He was an up and coming producer with some decent credits on his resume. People were beginning to seek him out.

She was one of his first clients. At a college songwriting workshop, they had been paired together in some classes. He was interning at a record label and she was performing in the campus shows. She thought he had an incredible grasp of melody. After class, they began to work together.

Three years later, he had several promotions at the record label. He name dropped the famous people he knew and considered his friends his entourage. Meanwhile, her career had stagnated. He said he scheduled meetings with his bosses to meet her. But each time, they got cancelled. Seeing him celebrate his gold record without her, she realized he was only out for himself. He was stringing her along, viewing her as a stepping stone.

She takes the demo he helped her make and scrawls some of his contacts into her notebook. She doesn’t need him. In her motel room, she waits for the cab to drive her to the airport. In New York, she can return to her first love: Broadway. She isn’t going to stop until she gets an EGOT.

Director: Taj Stansberry Year: 2010

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