Video Review: Khalid “Shot Down”

At about 10 p.m., Khalid rides the bus alone.

On the sidewalk, a 16-year-old boy with blonde braids looks at his phone. He and his friends ride their skateboards. The young man with blonde braids rides the railing of an office building. His girlfriend sticks out his tongue and puts her arm around him while they hang out. He and his friends sit on the curb, stretching out their legs and smoking.

Two friends lean against a pole, talking.

The young man with the blonde braids watches his girlfriend on a saved video on his phone. He gives his friend a light punch in the phone and returns to his phone. His girlfriend turns her the front of her hat. He rides his skateboard on the street along with another friend.

The bus rounds the corner.

Rating: 5/5

Khalid rides the bus home from work every night. On the 45 minute drive home, he sees businesses close for the night and people walking their dogs. There are a group of teenagers, though, that hang out on the sidewalk. He watches them perform tricks and talk.

The young man with blonde hair, though, is fearless with his tricks. There are have been a few times he has gasped from the window. At one point, the young man had a girlfriend. However, Khalid hasn’t seen her much lately. The young man seems to be searching for something. He’s on the phone all the time, watching videos and laying out on the curb. Khalid thinks the breakup with the girlfriend made him somewhat lost. He’s spotted the girlfriend at a diner around the corner, laughing with some of her friends.

Khalid envies the young man. The young man is willing to risk injury as he skateboards on the railing. He and his friends linger on the curb in silence, their friendship requiring few words after knowing each other since junior high school. They are lifelong friends.

Khalid returns home and falls asleep. There are no messages on his phone, other than some text messages about bills. Occasionally it will beep, alerting him of an e-mail, likely a coupon.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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