Video Review: P!nk “Beautiful Trauma”

Ginger Hart (Pink) smacks her lips and removes her “Mrs.” eye mask. She wakes up and stretches in bed. As she walks to her husband Fred’s (Channing Tatum), she gasps and taps him on the shoulder. He removes his eye mask and she rubs his shoulders.

In their lapis painted family room, Fred puts his feet up on the coffee table, reading the newspaper while she vacuums. She holds up a shirt of his that she ironed and notices she burned a hole into it.

She waves the smoke away from the oven in their sunshine yellow kitchen and winces at the burned meal. As he eats at the dinner table, she opens a cabinet of pills and pops about six or seven. The kitchen is lit sea-foam green as Ginger and Fred dance.

She carries laundry down the hallway and adjusts a bent picture frame. She puts the laundry on her bed and opens the closet door. Fred, in one of Ginger’s dresses, covers his mouth. However, she pulls him over to him and puts some of her lipstick on his lips. She swings a suit jacket over her head.

In their bedroom, he tugs at the tie around her neck and she laughs. They begin to dance.

In their lapis lit bar, she claps as he pours drinks for her. They dance again. She lies in the lapis lit bathtub, a glass of wine in her hand.

She taps on him on the cheek. He wakes up from his nap on the couch to see her wearing a blonde wig and dressed in black leather. He tries to move his legs but discovers she tied his limbs in rope. She directs a second woman, also dressed in black leather, to come towards her. He blinks and shakes his head. She spanks the young woman and pulls by the hair onto she lands on the floor. He hops over to them. Ginger spanks the young woman on the butt while he pretends to bite his wife’s butt. Both women sit on the couch between him and give him a kiss.

They return back to their separate beds and fall asleep.

Rating: 1/5

Ginger Hart is respectable woman of her suburban 1950s neighborhood. She stays home and cleans. She cooks for her husband, Fred. They lead sexless lives, only sleeping with one another if they intend to have children.

However, Ginger is self-medicating herself with pills to get through the day. Her husband doesn’t want to touch her. She hates cleaning and would rather a job to go to every day. There’s nothing for her. She made up a book club and instead traveled for an hour to an S&M club in the city on Friday nights. Friday nights were the only thing she had to keep her going.

Fred, though, married his wife due to societal pressure. He was in love with another man. However, his parents squashed and quickly introduced him to Ginger. They told him to stay with her and gradually, the feelings will go away. When she’s grocery shopping or drinking in the bathroom, he’ll try on her clothes. For a half hour, he’s the person he’s meant to be.

Despite both being miserable, they’ll tough it out and she’ll squeeze out a child in another few years. It’s what they are expected to do.

Director: Nick Florez Year: 2017

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