Video Review: Wham! “Last Christmas”

George observes the snow-capped mountains from the passenger seat. His girlfriend stops the car. He pulls his seat back and waves hello to his friends. His ex-girlfriend smiles and waves as she stands next to Andrew. He glares at her as he puts his arm around his girlfriend.

Inside the cabin, he hugs one of his female friends. Andrew shakes his hand. After getting settled, they ride the ski lift and trudge through the snow to the cabin. A female friend with short blonde hair sets the table. George, with silver garland around his neck, helps to decorate the tree. He brushes the garland against his ex-girlfriend’s shoulder and bends down to her. They stare at one another for about 30 seconds. A male friend arrives with wood for the fire and he stands up to help him. His ex-girlfriend stands next to Andrew at the tree and he gives her a kiss on the cheek.

His friends spend Christmas morning having a snowball fight. George broods by the fence, watching them. His ex-girlfriend builds a snowman. At dinner, everyone claps as Andrew arrives with a cake lit up with sparklers. They drink and George catches up with two of his female friends. In his eyeline, he notices his ex-girlfriend is wearing the brooch he gave her last year.

After eating, they lounge on the couch. He thinks of last year: he and his ex-girlfriend chased one another in the snow. As the fire burned in the family room, he gave her the brooch. She turned her away and said nothing.

The next morning, they leave the cabin, taking the lift and start the long drive home.

Written in red, against a white background, reads: “Merry Christmas and Thank You.”

Rating: 5/5

George returned home from the cabin, choking back tears as he told everyone goodbye last Christmas. After giving his then-girlfriend a brooch, she told him she appreciated it but she wanted to be just friends. A month later, she began dating Andrew, one of his best friends. The betrayal cut him deep and limited his contact within his group of friends to a few people.

In September, he was introduced to his new girlfriend. He was reluctant to go out with her at first. There was a part of him that had  hoped his ex-girlfriend would dump Andrew and call him again. His friends told him that they didn’t like what happened and he’s doing the right thing by moving on.

On Christmas, though, he knew he would see Andrew and his ex-girlfriend together. Every chance she got, she smiled at him or would try to talk to him. He tried to avoid her but while trimming the tree, they shared a moment. She gave him an apologetic look. He found himself staring at her, despite himself.

During dinner, he nearly dropped his wine glass once he saw her wearing the brooch. She fingered it and smiled. He glanced down at his plate, upset at her gall. His girlfriend passed him some rolls, reminding him he had something good in his life. He doesn’t need the drama with his ex-girlfriend.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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