Video Review: Post Malone & 21 Savage “rockstar”

Post Malone, in a darkened room, sits on a circular chair with thorny, white veins poking through the material.

Through a hazy white filter, Malone and his friends stand unarmed. On the other side of their room, men in navy blue business suits hold their swords.

Lit in candy apple red, Malone and his friends slide their swords out of their clothing. 21 Savage, in a red suit, sits on the chair. A snake curls itself around his foot. Malone wipes blood off his face and runs his hands through his drenched hair.

A young Asian woman bangs a gong. Malone screams, aiming his sword at the first businessman running towards him. He stabs three men in the ribs. Blood drips from his sword as he takes several other men.

Lit in rusty orange, 21 Savage raps in the chair.

Light flashes in the blood splattered room as a group of women aim for the next set of men. One woman hits a vase over a man’s head. Blood splashes Malone’s face. Malone carries his sword over his shoulder, his white suit streaked with blood. 21 Savage, also soaked in blood, stands next to him, his arms at his sides. Snow sprinkles from the ceiling as Malone stands by himself.

Rating: 1/5

The war was inevitable. The businessmen had taken over the city, enforcing new draconian laws. Citizens were forced to wear white in order to separate themselves. Women could no longer work. Government officials pushed out the teachers in the public schools and started their own curriculum indoctrinating children into the military.

Post Malone had found out the businessmen had been cheating him as well as others in the city. With the information, he had become the de facto leader among the citizens. They had shouted for change and gathered at government buildings. They were ignored. Malone suggested they had to fight back with weapons. 21 Savage, his second-in-command, was uncertain, insisting they try talks again.

Talks escalated and a war began in the lobby. The citizens had won, killing the executives of the companies which had held them back with erratic hours and unreliable compensation. 21 Savage is in shock from the violence. Although he didn’t participate, blood still landed on his body from the rotting corpses on the floor. Malone believes it was a necessary evil. The thrill of the blood lust flows within his body, knowing he holds someone’s life in his hands.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2017

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