Video Review: Poison “Unskinny Bop”

In the late evening. Bret Michaels rides the expressway on his motorcycle. Bobby and C.C. drive their vintage cars. They meet in the parking lot of the venue. Rikki drives up in a taxi. Two women step out the taxi, carrying their luggage and walk arm-in-arm with him. Rikki calls out Brett, Bobby and C.C. to get going.

Bret, Bobby, C.C. and Rikki perform on stage. Bret sings at the microphone and then tosses it, catching it in his hand. Two lime green animated women dance alongside him. He runs across the stage. Rikki joins Bret at his microphone then waves as he leaves. From on top of stage, Bret swings from a pole and humps the microphone stand. Orange and white sparks burst out throughout the stage. Rikki salutes the camera.

Bret leaps from the stage. Rikki and C.C. bump into Bret as he dances. Bret dances with the animated women again. Bret walks backwards on the platform on top of the stage.

The women wait for Rikki after the show. They block C.C. from leaving and shut the door. One woman puts up a sign, stating “Private Session.”

Rating: 2/5

At the venue, Bret, C.C. and Bobby wait for Rikki, their arms folded in mock anger. Rikki arrives with two women and they silently think, “well done.” Rikki, though, is the workhorse, asking them to get started. They’d preferred to have a beer or two for an hour. It’s only a rehearsal.

On stage, Bret dances with an outline of two animated women. However, the hastily scrawled drawings of the women are loose and cheap. It blends into their logo, as though the telltale oversized breasts and long hair were added as a prank.

Poison, in their shameless rock star glory, put on a playful show. They dance, kicking up their legs and aim to provoke. The unapologetic bad boys charm with their goofy faces and in Bret’s case, their alluring blue eyes.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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