Video Review: Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha “Home”

At night, Sam Harris, Bebe Rexha and Machine Gun Kelly  stand in front of a small crowd gathered in a neighborhood.

Sam Harris marks the police stop in his report and then witness an officer push a man. Rexha sits in a bedroom, which she shares with several people and stares into a mirror. Machine Gun Kelly parks his car in an alley and starts to walk through the neighborhood, carrying a manila folder in his hand.

He breathes in smoke and notes the lines of people by the fence. Other people stare at him as he passes by their homes. He greets and hugs some of his friends along the way. Sam drives, patrolling the road. Machine Gun Kelly shakes a friend’s hand and is directed to an Orc.

On a porch, two men play a game on a board. Machine Gun Kelly enters the house. He drinks and smokes while he talks with his friend. A woman offers him some fried chicken and he bites into it. His friend holds up a phone.

Rexha, in the bedroom, stares at the same image on her phone and watches as a little boy runs. Kelly leans back in the chair, processing the video he saw. Rexha walks into another room to talk with the boy’s mother.

The young woman carries her little boy and waits by the front door. Kelly walks up and smiles at the little boy. He puts both hands on the young woman’s face and rests his forehead on hers. The police confront the Orcs. Kelly turns around and sees as the police poke the Orcs in the chest and provoke them into a fight.

Kelly, Harris and Rexha stand with the crowd as the police officers exchange wary looks. Kelly points to their cars. Spray painted on a car is a message: “Let Us Live.”

Rating: 5/5

Sam Harris became a police officer out of a desire to serve his community. He wanted to protect the residents from robberies and murders. However, he realized he was the only one. The majority of people on the force despised the supernatural creatures that lived among them. They harassed them on the street, demanding that they leave town. Every day, Harris goes to work with a pit in his stomach, sick at the thought of covering up yet another discriminatory incident.

Machine Gun Kelly is looking for his son and wife. They had gotten separated during a raid in the neighborhood. For months, he’s been asking around about her. Finally, he received a solid lead. He drove several hours away and met her in a shelter. It was the greatest day of his life, knowing they were both okay.

Bebe Rexha has been stranded for a while. She has nowhere else to go. She checks her phone for information or messages but nothing pops up on her screen. In the shelter, she sees many people come and go. She tried to get to know some of them. Maybe someone was looking for them. If she learned their names, maybe her life will have meaning again. It was he young woman with her son captured her heart right away. She wished she could help them but didn’t know how. Then, one day she was able to identify them and help reunite them with some family.

Harris, Kelly and Rexha are minor characters in the 2017 film Bright, which functions as human interest video, delving into the everyday life of the fictional people living in a dystopian Los Angeles. Without a single clip, it builds upon the story and helps to flesh out the world created for the film. Allowing Harris, Kelly and Rexha to be active in the video personalizes the film’s allusion to discrimination, letting their powerlessness strike a nerve.

Director: David Ayer Year: 2017

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