Video Review: Mr. Probz “Waves (Robin Schulz Remix)”

The frosted white clouds rest on the rolling teal sea in Tulum, Mexico. A young man (James Penfold) swims against the moves. He stumbles out of the ocean, his clothes heavy and lies face down in the sand.

He traces a line in the sand as he walks on the beach and tosses a rock at the tree in order to get some fruit. He drinks and digs. Around the evening, he sits on the beach, watching the waves and thinks of the past.

Six months ago, he and his girlfriend (Maryna Linchuk) were taking a cab. They dance and cuddle in the backseat as they drive into the city.  He takes pictures of her and she hangs onto his arm as they walk in their ponchos.

As he walks, he believes he’s seeing her between the tress. However, it’s a hallucination.

At their cabin, she pushes him in the chest. She poses in her lacy, sheer black bra on top of the bed while he lies next to her, taking pictures. She picks at her food during dinner and spots a man (Mr Probz) at the bar, sipping his drink. He watches as she walks up to him and clink their shots together. She returns to the table, sucking on her lime and shrugs as he wants to know what’s she doing.

At night, he makes himself a bonfire. Between the growing flames, he sees an image of her sitting across from him.

Late at night, she shoves him on the beach and walks into their cabin. He stares off onto the sand.

In the hot tub, he swills from his liquor bottle and lets himself sink to the bottom.  He floats in the ocean.

Rating: 5/5

The trip to Tulum, Mexico was going to solve their problems. The young man believed they needed to spend time away from their everyday stressors and be by themselves. For the first three days, their relationship was back to what it was a year ago. She was cuddling with him and holding onto him. She was joking in the cab and letting him touch her in bed.

Then, on the fourth day, things began to unravel. She woke up in the morning and complained about him leaving his stuff lie around on the counter in the bathroom. She stayed silent at dinner and then openly flirted with another man in front of him. He asked her how she could do that to him and she pretended as though she did nothing wrong. She ended the relationship on their last day and took an earlier flight.

He never went home. Most days, he hangs out on the beach, searching for food and something to drink. At night, he finds a hot tub and sleeps somewhere on the patio. Sometimes, the clean-up will ask him to move. Usually, they leave him alone. He wants his old life back, even though it was imperfect. He swims every day, wearing himself out to the point of exhaustion, hoping to be saved from his pain.

Director: Petro Papahadjopoulos Year: 2014

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