Video Review: Sade “Smooth Operator”

A female server reads as she waits at an obscure table in the restaurants. She puts her book down and kisses her slick-haired boyfriend.

Against a red background on the stage, Sade and her band performs. The guitarist notices the slick-haired man walk into the dining room and shakes hands with some businessman. Sade keeps an eye on their table as they discuss an arrangement.

Couples dance while a man punches in numbers on an adding machine. Sade reflects in the slick-haired man’s sunglasses. The older man nods and shakes hands with the slick-haired man.

In a backroom, Sade watches footage of projected on the screen with the lead investigator. A car is on fire and a man extinguishes it. She turns to the owner as the slick-haired man takes a handgun out of his coat pocket. The lead investigator points to the screen, demanding answers. She kisses the slick-haired man. Once she walks away, the slick-haired man unzips the female server’s dress. She wipes tears away from her eyes.

The female server carries a tray to the businessmens’ table. The slick-haired businessman puts his hand over hers and whispers something about Sade in her ear. She looks at Sade and then walks away from the table. The slick-haired man gets up and blows a kiss at Sade and then leaves with the female server.

Rating: 5/5

A single compliment from a slick-haired man entangled Sade and her band into a criminal investigation. He had asked her to meet her at his home. At his home, he offered to be her band’s manager, ensuring their success due to his deep connections. She thanked him and responded they already had someone.

Their manager disappeared several weeks later. Sade and her band continued to perform at the club at the insistence of the police. The slick-haired businessman pushed for a friendship with Sade. She alerted the police and feigned a relationship with him out of fear. The lead investigator wants to know the context of the kiss. However, she sees a female server from the restaurant has become involved with the man and she cries.

Sade has been made. The slick-haired man acknowledges her as he leaves with the female server, silently stating he has all the power. Her heart breaks for the female server who has sold herself out to him.

Director: Julien Temple Year: 1984

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