Video Review: Lady Antebellum “Heart Break”

In San Juan, Puerto Rico, a young woman taps a message on her cell phone and puts it in her purse. She sifts through purse and runs her hands through a stack of cash in an envelope. Her boyfriend reads a notebook in the kitchen and kisses her hello. She tells him that she’s going to store and won’t be gone long. He asks her if she needs any money and she answers that she’s fine. He watches her as she pulls out of the driveway.

Two police cars head down the street and in her mirror, she watches them park in front of her boyfriend’s house. She breathes a sigh of a relief.

Inside a home, Hillary stands by the door. Dave plays the guitar near the backyard. Charles sits against a bedroom wall and plays the piano.

Smile on her face, she walks in the shining sunlight and turns to admire the city. She buys a bouquet of flowers from a street vendor and bumps into a young man. A little waves at her while she walks. Two boys play soccer in the road.

She walks inside her new home and puts the flowers in a vase. The young man grins as he sees her standing on her balcony. Later that night, she hooks the strap on her heels and goes out. She weaves her way through the crowded bar and finds a table.

Hillary, Dave and Charles sit at the same table in the bar, drinking and laughing.

The young man introduces himself to her and she claps for the band playing right at the stage. She walks back home. The man carries an envelope and opens a door. With a glass of wine in hand, she rests on her lounge chair placed on her balcony.

The young man hands her now ex-boyfriend an envelope. He opens it and flips through the photographs of her, remarking “she looks happy.”

Sunlight streams through the window as she sleeps in her bed.

Rating: 4/5

Finding piles of money strapped together underneath a floorboard frightened the young woman. She paced around the house for several hours and then called the police. She learned he had been laundering money in fraudulent deals. While he worked, she went to the bank and withdrew all her cash from her account and was able to buy a home in secret.

The day he was arrested, she was able to start over. It’s was as though she was seeing Puerto Rico for the first time. She was able to talk to the street vendor and buy some flowers. While talking, the older lady told her she had been selling flowers for over 40 years and congratulated her on her new home. There was no reason to be on guard or watch what she said.

She celebrated her first night being single by going to the bar and buying herself a drink. She met a nice man her age but told him she wasn’t ready for anything yet. Around 11 p.m., she returned home and drank some wine on her balcony. It was a peaceful evening, free of worry. There isn’t anything to be afraid of anymore. She listens to the weather reports and the deejay announces it’s going to be a sunny week.

However, her ex-boyfriend, now scruffy and on the run in a run-down home, has a private investigator spying on her. He notes she seems well but still considers her a threat. He asks the young man to continue to watch her.

Director: Shane Drake Year: 2017

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