Video Review: Kane Brown “Found You”

Kane Brown takes a selfie of himself as he walks onto a plane. During the quiet flight, the he stares out the window, looking at the city. He walks on stage at the outdoor venue with his manager and assistant.

At night, he performs on stage. Fans raise their hands as he sings. He wakes the next day and talks on the phone on the hotel balcony. Holding up his phone, he films his view of the skyline. A friend joins him on the balcony. He walks out of the Sony office, grinning and rolls his hands in a circular motion.

A fan holds up a sign stating “my world would be a better place if you took a selfie with me.” On stage, he holds up his phone and takes a picture.

Before the show, he posed with mostly female fans at the meet-and-greet. Someone writes on a guitar. He falls asleep on the bus as he heads to take a red-eye flight.

Rating: 1/5

A life on the road for Kane Brown consists of sleeping and meetings. There isn’t time for adventures or spontaneous exploring during a 4 hour break. He is given an itinerary by his manager and he follows it to the letter.

The meet-and-greets are a formal affair. He stands with the fans (mostly female) and exchanges pleasantries with them. His manager advised him to keep it short. Then, it’s one to the next person. There are ten minutes breaks for a drink of water, with his manager providing updates as to time.

He chooses to be by himself while touring. Occasionally, a friend will join him. However, as he reminds his friend, he’ll be working most of the time and won’t have time to sightsee. He tells his friend he’s welcome to walk the city for a couple of hours and then come back before the show.

After working at what could be considered a 12 hour day, he takes another plane to a different city. He plops down onto the seat, exhausted and falls asleep right away. His assistant jabs him to let him to buckle his seatbelt.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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