Video Review: Demi Lovato “Tell Me You Love Me”

On a beautiful spring day, Demi Lovato and her boyfriend (Jesse Williams) take a walk on a hiking trail near their home. He bends down on one knee and opens up a jewelry box. Her jaw drops and she shakes her head yes.

In bed, he says, “I’m supposed to take your bullshit for better or worse. That’s the way it works?” She responds with a laugh, telling him “yeah” and says that she loves him. She taps her phone and Facetimes her best friend, Marissa. Marissa asks her how she’s doing. She says she’s “hanging out at the house, chillin” and shows off her ring. Marissa exclaims “Good!”

Back in bed, she says to him “tell me you love me.” He answers yes. They have sex. Sitting on opposites of the bed, her phone rings. It’s Erik. “Who’s that?” He asks. “Nobody,” she replies and puts her phone away. “Really?” he challenges. She says that Erik is one of her best friends and quips “are you jealous?” He says their friendship makes him uncomfortable. She walks away and heads to the bathroom, stating that she’s  not going to have the same argument again. He follows her there, telling her that “he shouldn’t be texting you at all!” She proclaims that she’s not doing anything wrong.

She, adds that he has done his share of flirting: “You looked at her chest! I watched you!”  From outside the door, he responds: “maybe she should text me at 2 a.m. and you’ll be happier.” He walks away. She demands him to stop. He slaps his hands together, telling her “you’re badgering me” everywhere and if she “wants to fight, pick somebody else.” She says she doesn’t want anybody else but then apologizes. He follows it up with that maybe they shouldn’t get married. Tears in her eyes, she says she’s “never been more ready.”

On the couch, she stares at her engagement ring and looks outside the window. She walks out to the balcony.

At their outdoor wedding, family and friends take their seats on the wooden chairs. She and her father walk down the aisle. She grins at her boyfriend, who brushes away a tear.

In a pastel pink dress, she sits on a bench underneath two large balls of flowers hanging from a tree limb. He says his vows and slides the ring on her finger. Marissa hands her the ring and she says her vows. She lifts his hand and puts the ring on his finger. He touches her face with both hands and kisses her. He removes the ring and says he can’t do it. “What?” She says as he hands her the ring. He stares back at her one last time and then leaves.

She clutches her stomach and turns to her family.  The choir sings behind her as she puts her hand over her mouth. She walks away as their family and friends get up from their seats. She takes off her ring.

Rating: 5/5

Marissa has called Demi Lovato every day to check on her. Over Facetime, Marissa notices her friend’s drawn face and tells her it will be okay. However, Lovato shrugs and sighs. Sometimes she’ll mumble. However, Marissa ends the call, saying they can talk later.

Marissa is her best friend and she’s grateful for her. However, she doesn’t want to talk. Although her boyfriend offered to pay for half of the costs, she still has to return the wedding presents and make some calls. Her license needs to be changed again. She has to go to the bank. There is a long list of things she needs to do and she simply doesn’t care.

Erik has called but she presses decline every time. She sits on the couch, phone in hand, reading over the text messages from Erik. Her boyfriend was able to pick up on her feelings for him and she denied it, even hastened the wedding in an effort to shield it. She doesn’t know what to say to him. Erik will ask. However, Erik has a girlfriend now and whatever feelings she has, she can’t say. She can’t end another relationship.

Director: Mark Pellington Year: 2017

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