Video Review: Tracey Ullman “They Don’t Know”

A shirtless man in a gold swim trunks bangs a gong. Tracey Ullman licks her fingers on her tongue in front of her mirror. She applies lipstick on her lips. Her boyfriend speeds down the road in his green pick-up truck. The windshield reads: Paul and Tracey. He fixes his bangs. She blots her lipstick on a towel.

At the bowling alley, her boyfriend rolls a gutter ball. She cringes and writes down his score. She bowls a strike. He rests his feet on the table. While she waits for the bowling ball, she stands between it and lets it roll between her legs. He brushes his hair as she crosses a line through the heart on the score sheet.

In home videos, she walks the family dog on a leash in the backyard and sticks out her tongue. As a toddler, she wrangles herself from her mother’s hands. Several women dance in a gym.

Hair greasy and pregnant, she pushes the cart down the aisle. Her two-year-old little girl sits in the seat and watches as she tosses some cereal into the cart. In a white coat, her boyfriend stacks the shelves. She dances in her puffy pink slippers.

In the green pick-up truck, Paul McCartney steers while she sits next to him.

Rating: 2/5

Tracey Ullman’s parents rolled their eyes every time he walked into their home. Her mother would pull her aside while they were cleaning dishes and tell her she didn’t have to settle. Her father said there was no rush to get married just because. He was a stock boy and wouldn’t go anywhere in life.

But her parents were wrong. He worked his way through school and became a doctor. Before asking for her hand in marriage, he sought her father’s permission. He reached out to her parents and eventually, they realized she made the right decision.

He accompanies her to the grocery store, picking up her mess if she knocks something over. Although she hasn’t showered in two days and prefers to wear her slippers, he isn’t ashamed of her. He knows her feet are swollen from the pregnancy and she’s exhausted from running after their two-year-old. He looks forward to many more years with her.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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