Video Review: Sofi Tukker, Nervo, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno “Best Friend”

On screen, a message reads that “homo sapiens would wander…in their travels, the Sapien formed bonds with one another..they regarded these being as ‘best friends.”

Sofi leans her arm against Tukker as they sit on an ATV in a desert. The Knocks, with a handkerchief around his mouth, speeds down the road in his ATV. Ueno stares off into the distance while her friends watch the races.

The Knocks sings in the desert while two of his friends drives behind him. A box appears in the middle of the screen. Against a blue screen, The Knocks rides on top of the ATV while another friend drives.

In a red jumpsuit, Sofi stands with her hands on her hips, looking to the sharp, carved glacier to the left of her. In the bottom of the screen, Sofi, Ueno and Nervo hang out on a rooftop. The square moves to her crotch.

Nervo and another friend sing on top of a mountain. They sing and point to one another. In a square at the bottom of the screen, Nervo pulls up her hair in a hotel hallway.  In black-and-white, they dance. Ueno stands in the far off corner, her hands on her hips.

Ueno sits, her legs spread out, on the ATV. She stands on a faded crimson painted floor in a building with a palm tree-lined hallway. Tukker leads The Knocks in a race down the street.

They all perform a simple dance routine in the desert. Sofi and Ueno hang out in the back of an ATV.

Rating: 1/5

Sofi Tukker, The Knocks, Nervo and Alisa Ueno embark on an ominous Harmony Korine inspired road trip. Still up from the rave last night, they rent ATVs and have friendly competitions with another. They swear upon their friendship and to not to let each other go.

Then one of their cars breaks down. Short on cash, they pull out their credit cards and pool together their funds. A tow truck takes them to an auto shop a couple of miles away. The owner asks them who they are. They say they are musicians. Their male friends, realizing their female friends are safe, say they’ll meet up with them later.

While talking in his office, the owner pulls out his gun from underneath his drawer. He says he needs their help and smashes their cell phones. They are led into a van. Scared, the women hold hands and cry once the door shuts.

Director: Marc Boucher Year: 2017


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