Video Review: Walk The Moon “One Foot”

At Joshua Tree National Park in Twentynine Palms, California, Nick walks through the trail. A young woman steps onto a mountain. Nick stands in front of some powdery white rock and sings. A circle forms, zooming in a small section of the Keys. He taps his foot on a rock.

On the mountain, Sean plays the drum inside a square built around him. Kevin plays the guitar next to several open triangles behind him. Nick sings at the microphone. Three narrow aquamarine blocks.

Nick smiles, his face blending with the smoky clouds moving in the sky. The young woman opens her eyes, her body kissed with sparkling stars and a maroon hue. She lies on the ground, her body expanded and looks up at the eggplant sky.

The solar eclipse turns the sky black. Nick stares down at his feet while he dances. He puts his hands in front of his eyes as the moon becomes full. It then changes to a half-moon.

Nick and the young woman press their hands together against the magenta sky. Against a white background, they hug and their bodies multiply into kaleidoscopic images.

Nick throws the microphone stand and continues to dance.

Rating: 2/5

The solar eclipse, which occured August 21, 2017, was a rare moment of the moon covering the sun across the entire United States. Walk The Moon experiences it at Joshua Tree National Park, Nick, who is exposed to it fully, does not wear any protective sunglasses neither does the young woman featured.

While it is two point check off the bucket list, Joshua Tree National Park, great in its own right, is given a limited view. It seems to be sectioned off at the Keys, staying to its most well-known area. The geometric shapes erected on-site disrupt the peace and mediation, while deforming a treasured place in nature. The darkness only hides the history and its irreplaceable value.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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