Video Review: Girls Aloud “Biology”

A white curtain draws upon a stage. Against a black background with two low hanging white chandeliers, Girls Aloud snap their fingers to the music. Each member wears a black cocktail dress with some white beaded embellishment. Nadine sits on the piano and begins to sing. They raise their arm over their heads.

As they point, the scenery changes to a lobby painted white with black butterflies. They put their arms around their chests and their outfits become lavender or pink dresses. Butterflies fly about and they sit on the bench. chatting.

They wave their fingers as a ruby-red wall moves to the left. With their backs to the camera, their outfits become black dresses or suits with some element of red added. They continue their routine.

They pose and the various settings slide to the left. They return to the black background with the low hanging chandeliers. After turning near the chairs, their outfits change to the black dresses with silver embellishments. They sit on the chairs and cross their legs. They raise their arms over their heads again and the settings swish past the screen.

Back on the stage with the black background, they have formed a single file line and each perform a move. They fade into the ruby-red room and their outfits change to the black dresses or suits again. It rotates to the black background.

They turn their heads right. The lobby makes a brief appearance and they are back in the ruby-red room. The rooms switch as the camera circles around them. Back on the stage with the black background, they pose again. The white curtains closes.

Rating: 3/5

It’s 8 pm. Time for another show. The curtain draws and Girls Aloud snap their fingers. Nicola rolls her eyes. She’s over it and wants a drink. She’s been a chorus girl for a majority of her tenure at the show. While mouthing the words, she thinks of places she’d rather be: home, at the bar, maybe somewhere in Los Angeles kissing a movie star.

Nadine basks in the spotlight as she stretches on the piano. It took her two years to get promoted to the lead. She’s become known around town as diligent performer. Management loves her. However, singing’s a side job. She takes business classes on the weekends.

Kimberely, though, angles for Nadine’s position, hoping to get the male attention of the audience. As she licks her lips and touches her hips, she hopes the men will whisper to the owner that she was a has that savoir faire.

Sarah, though, has seen the girls come and go. She thinks of retiring and maybe having a child somewhere in the country, away from the city. A family would be nice. However, she loves singing and dancing. She never got into the American Ballet Theatre and the lounge is the closest she’ll get to her dream.

Cheryl, though, misses turns and sometimes a half step behind. She usually walks in late to rehearsal with coffee, chattering about the latest drama with her boyfriend. Although she’s working part-time, she hasn’t really thought beyond what’s she going to do after the lounge. She’s focused on now. It’s a fun job and she isn’t really ready to tie herself into a cubicle, typing up reports all day.

Director: Havey & Carolyn Year: 2005

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