Video Review: Rae Sremmurd “Look Alive”

At a small club, Rae Sremmurd dance perform a medium-sized rectangle with a single strobe light attached on the bottom. Three strobe lights above provide break through the self-imposed darkness. Dim and lit in a hazy teal, they see outlines of bodies but can’t gauge a response.

The crowd dances. Swa Lee stands at the center of the club and stares at the ceiling. Slim Jxmmi shakes his body as he dances unnoticed. A man wears a black sweater with the group’s name on it. Lee peeks through a plant in the corner. Two women sit and dance in place. A woman wears a black Los Angeles crop top. She reaches for a bottle on the table.

A blonde-haired woman stands in the middle of an arcade. Slim Jxmmi plays a game. and moves like a zombie at the entrance of the arcade. He points a toy gun. In the crowd, a man wears a shirt saying: “I Wear Condom.” Lee listens to music on his Beats By Dre headphones. The crowd jumps to their music.

Rating: 0/5

Rae Sremmurd took the gig at the small club for the exposure. It paid little and allowed them to hang out with their audience. However, Slim Jxmmi got bored really quickly after the show. He hung around the sides, peeking through the plants and trying to sneak up on people. Then, he went next door the arcade and played games all night.

The arcade breaks up the monotony of the dim teal light in the small club. Although only parts of it are seen, it seems to be a place stuck in a wholesome era of kindness and threatening street lights. For an hour, Slim Jxmmi is a kid again, concerned about getting the last ball into the hole to get some tickets.

Swa Lee prefers to mingle with the crowd. The crowd, when it can be seen, is a series of people in uniform black shirts with white lettering and a blanket saying. One shirt says “Los Angeles” with some foreign lettering underneath. However, one man wears a nonsensical shirt reading: “I Wear Condom.” It seems as though the phrase and font were uploaded on a site like Spreadshirt and he wore it as a way to sell his side hustle. However, most of the night, he receives questions like “what does that mean?” rather than “where did you get that?”

Director: Max Year: 2016

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