Video Review: Eiffel 65 “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”

Several television screens with moving poles rotate to the center, featuring Jeffrey, Maurizio and Gabry performing against blue swirling backgrounds. Two blue aliens tap buttons in a control on two screens. From their spaceship, they transport Jeffrey and fly off. Fabrizio gasps. They head bang to the music.

Fabrizio and Gabry put on their goggles and enter their own spaceship. They fly underneath the aliens’ ship. Fabrizio sticks out his tongue at them. As they head towards the sun, the aliens abandon the control room and run. They put Jeffrey into a globe and hide him. The aliens shoot at Fabrizio. However, he hits them with a fireball, knocking them over. One manages to get up and kicks. Gabry shoots a laser towards him.

Jeffrey entertains the aliens at a concert. They sway to his singing with their arms over their heads. He is dumbfounded to be alive. Meanwhile, Fabrizio whips the aliens running to him with his arms. They slide into the walls and boxes. An alien tiptoes down a hallway. However, Gabry hits him with a fireball.

Fabrizio finds a rope and rescues Jeffrey from the concert. They message for him to “please come back.” Eiffel 65 invite them to their own show. One alien gets to perform on stage with them.

Rating: 3.5/5

The circular light froze Jeffrey, sending him inside a spaceship and left him suspended near the control room. Jeffrey watched, fearing what the aliens intentions might be. The government would deny it happened. He was on his own.

However, Fabrizio and Gabry had built a spaceship in between songs. Their friends and family believed their love for science fiction had become paranoia. Then, they saw the aliens snatch Jeffrey. They screamed and helped get the ship to them.

The aliens released Jeffrey on to a stage. He started to singing and kept doing so. The aliens were smiling and dancing. The music pleased them and he preferred to live. Fabrizio and Gabry put their strength to the test, defeating the aliens with their secret supernatural weapons. They were able to get Jeffrey back.

The aliens, though, were ashamed. They sent a friendly message, asking them to return. Jeffrey agreed, saying they treated him well. Eiffel 65 opened the venue to them. The aliens thanked them and apologized. The aliens also extended a lifetime invitation to their planet.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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