Video Review: Lauv “Easy Love”

Lauv arrives in the studio and takes off his jacket as he walks by a flowered print projected on a wall. An assistant takes his jacket. He stands on a treadmill and then sits at a card table set against a brick wall. The woman gestures with her hands as she stands a few feet away and throws a glass. The crew remove the brick wall and an assistant puts a jacket on the woman.

He gets up from the chair and shuffles by the three-way mirrors. After a quick fade into black, he appears on a beach set, lit in midnight blue, with a lounge chair beside him and hooked to a harness.  The crew remove the beach set. He leans over on the harness and an assistant puts his guitar around him. As he plays the guitar, he is lifted into the air.

He drops down and dances in front of a wooden board. Several versions pop up next to him wearing either a black or teal shirt. One version climbs on the ladder and sits on of one of the steps. Another looks over his shoulder. Two versions of himself sit down on the floor. A third checks his watch and leaves.

Rating: 2/5

A big, fantastical debut was planned. He would be hanging in the air, performing aerial tricks by the ocean and dancing in front of brightly lit three-way mirrors. A subplot was written in with a tumultuous relationship and an angry girlfriend.

However, due to cost it was scaled down to the bare basics. They were able to scrounge enough money for a harness but artists needed to be commissioned from a bidding site to create the set. considering the beach was unavailable. The subplot became one scene with leftover food provided by catering. The three-way mirror and treadmill were borrowed from another artist’s unproduced video. None of it worked out as planned and Lauv realizes he has to make do with whatever he is given.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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