Video Review: Sia “Candy Cane Lane”

An animated Sia, in a hat and heavy coat, watches as her mother strings multi-colored lights over her window. She waves to her and sees her mother stumble. After a quick peek, she trudges in the snow. Her dog runs to her, its tail wagging. They both hear a noise and turn around.

On their roof, the Snow Monster shushes them as it piles snow on the chimney. Sia signals to her mom to look up. However, the Snow Monster hides. She grins as she watches the Snow Monster stack the neighbor’s chimney with snow and then slide the roof. She frowns when he disappears.

The Snow Monster materializes by her mother’s car and Sia observes from the fence as he stuffs the engine with a giant snowball. He dances on the electrical wires and slips. The wires start to spark. Her mother watches as the string of lights flicker in her hand and then go out.

On her front lawn, Sia gathers the candy cane lights and sets them up in a path for the Snow Monster. From behind a bush, she and her dog watch as the Snow Monster rolls onto her lawn and chomps on the candy canes. She waits and then tosses a net of lights on him. He sways in the air and then melts. She follows him as he slides into the forest. He watches over his shoulder to see if she’s there. She slips on some ice and flails her arms. A mound of snow stops her. She smiles as she watches snowflakes fly over a house and reads the message in the sky: “To Be Continued.”

Rating: 5/5

Holiday specials have evolved into romantic themed Hallmark movies and spinoffs from already successful animated movies. Airing with prepackaged magic and familiar characters, the characters celebrate Christmas with a modern cynicism that none of its real.

Sia returns to the 1960s classics of “Rudulph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Santa Claus is Coming To Town.” Little children knew Santa was on his way once Burl Ives introduced the stop-motion specials with a traditional song.

In the three-minute short, Sia discovers a Snow Monster exists. He tries to befriend her at first as he stuffs chimneys with snow. But once he begins to destroy property, Sia realizes she must find a way to stop him. He is thwarted somewhat by the candy cane lights. Sia wishes she could’ve gotten him. He may ruin Christmas in their neighborhood. However,  some snowflakes dancing in the sky give her hope that Santa will make everything okay.

Director: Lior Molcho Year: 2017


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