Video Review: Kehlani “Honey”

On a bright September day, Kehlani, in a flannel shirt and denim shorts, walks in the flaxen field. The grainy field whizzes by as she’s filmed by her girlfriend in the car. She smiles at the camera.

Kehlani sits on top of a barn. She parks the pick-up truck at the farm and shuts the door. They link hands as they walk. Her girlfriend puts her arm around her. They see the half-moon peeking through the clouds.

She sits on the hive top feeder. The bees fly to some jars. Honey drips from the nectar. She and her girlfriend sit on the bridge and laugh. On the field, they smoke and kiss.

By sunset, Kehlani gets up from her chair in the field and points to the sky. She runs. At home, Kehlani reads to her girlfriend at the kitchen table. She bursts into laughter after her girlfriend jokes about the characters.

Kehlani rubs honey over her lips and licks it off. They dance under the evening sky.

Rating: 4/5

Kehlani sticks the thumb drive in her laptop and searches through the files. She scrolls to an untitled movie file and opens it. She grins as sees her girlfriend trying to stay awake during the car. Her girlfriend wasn’t one for long drives. An hour was her limit.

She recalls the day. They had intended to go to the cider mill. However, Kehlani had missed the exit and kept going for several miles. She spotted a sign for a bee farm and said they had to stop.

Kehlani and her girlfriend watched as bees buzzed around the flowers and observed a hive in a barn. They bought several jars of honey and camped out in the field. She screen shots her girlfriend giving her a kiss as they watched the sun set and places it in her “wedding2018” folder. It’s a memory she wants everyone to view during the slideshow.

Director: David Camarena Year: 2017

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