Video Review: G-Eazy & Halsey “Him & I”

A message written on the screen reads that the “video was made by Gerald and Ashley on a weekend in NYC with friends.” A quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald follows, stating “they were stars on this stage. Each playing to an audience of two” over an lo-fi evening view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

On the subway, Halsey lies out on the seats, her head in G-Eazy’s lap. Underneath the scarlet lights illuminating from the signs in the city, they sneak a kiss between buildings. They kiss at a phone booth. She swings on the street sign, kicking her feet towards him as he laughs.

In the electic haze inside the limousine, she and G-Eazy cuddle next to another. Halsey swallows as she and G-Eazy sit at the counter at the kitchen table. He puts her hand on her shoulder. She applies lipstick while they eat. At the club, G-Eazy performs as Halsey drinks beside him. G-Eazy reacts to a strong shot. They play pool on a leopard-print table. Halsey sings. G-Eazy and his friend jump and down behind her.

At the subway, G-Eazy waits for her at the turnstile. He kisses her on the neck after she plays her turn at the pool table. He ties her shoes for her at the station. They cuddle in the back of the cab. He blows out a match for her. They cross the street and dance in place while eating at the restaurant. Halsey reads the notice plastered on a building.

He pours ketchup on Halsey’s pizza and feeds it to her. She falls asleep in the limousine. He lifts her up in the kitchen and kisses her. She decides on what beverage to get at the convenience store while he puts his arms around her.

At home, bacon fries on the grill and he cracks open an egg. They figure out where to go to next in the city. She plays with his necklace at the dinner table. They wait for the train. He brings her some coffee. She leaps into his arms as he looks for her. He touches her knee as she puts on her glasses.

Rating: 3.5/5

Real-life girlfriend Halsey pushes G-Eazy into a personal and cultured direction. G-Eazy, once a sex-starved man who eyed and slept with every women in his videos, has eyes for only Halsey. He’s a man in love who can’t believe he has a woman like Halsey. He dotes on her, bringing her food and encourages her to sing at his gigs. It’s the best relationship he’s ever had.

Not many men can keep up with Halsey. She’s unpredictable and playful, making out with him at the subway station and knows every hole-in-the-wall corner of the city. However, G-Eazy is able to get her to slow down and appreciate stability. He’s her best friend and if his work is subpar, she’ll be honest. She wants G-Eazy to avoid the stereotype and carve out his own path.

Together, they are Gerald and Ashley, an everyday couple hanging out in New York City for the weekend. They tell stories from the road and share memories of their first visit to the city. He remembers her allergies. She’s his muse.

Directors: G-Eazy & Halsey Year: 2017

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    1. She was out! Maybe she was having those weird dreams when you’re exhausted. She and G-Eazy were constantly going.

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