Video Review: Jordan Knight “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man”

Jordan Knight stands on his fire escape, staring at the couple arguing below. Wearing a white sweater, he stands on the rooftop of a building. The young woman points at him and walks away. He walks back inside his apartment.

In silhouette, he hunches over a bench at the subway station. A couple of people exit the train. He puts his hand on the handrail as he takes the escalator. He leans against the wall.

The young woman, carrying a bag of groceries, enters the train and sits down. He checks her out as she crosses her legs. Her bag tips over and she gets up. An apple rolls over to him. Against a black background, he sings. He catches up with her on the platform and gives her the apple. Their hands touch.

He sits in the lobby as people pass by. At a bar, she sits at a table and shakes her head. They spot one another and he holds her gaze as he walks away from his friends. She waits for him by her table and he meets her, touching her neck once he approaches her. She runs her hands on her chest.

Knight walks inside the subway station, hands in his coat.

Rating: 2/5

The heat rushed through Jordan Knight’s body as she touched his body at the bar. He had to take a breath. It was the moment alone they’d been anticipating.

From the rooftop, he saw a frustrated young woman, disappointed in the man she chose. Around her boyfriend, her voice was sharp as she kept him at a distance. However, she was poised and independent, making her way through the a seat on the train after a trip to the grocery store. She exuded a quiet confidence as she crossed her legs. As he stared at her, he wanted to know all about her life. An apple gave him an opportunity to talk to her. She placed her hand on his and he saw his future with her. It was an entire lifetime of marriage, kids and sharing mundane activities together. He believed that was it.

While out with his friends a week later, he saw her at the bar, sitting by herself. He didn’t waste any time and met up with her at her table. It was now or never. Their encounters would run eventually and they would both regret doing anything about their emotions. They leave for his apartment.

Director: Darren Grant Year: 1999

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