Video Review: Vanessa Williams “Just For Tonight”

A white flower glistens underneath champagne light. A woman moves behind a pale gold curtain.

Vanessa Williams walks onto stage in a black gown and begins to sing. A second woman in the balcony puts her opera glasses to her eyes. A man turns around, the smoke from his cigarette wafting through the air. A couple dances cheek-to-cheek. A third couple dances cheek-to-cheek. Two dancers in silhouette perform a routine behind the curtain.

A man nuzzles his mouth on a woman’s neck as the waves roll in the small pool of water. She touches her cheek. Hand on her hip, her head blurs while the waves dip. A third woman clutches an apple and caresses it with her hand.

On stage, she wraps her arms around her chest as a cold blue light shines behind her. A woman runs her hand in the pool of water. The man swishes his glass of wine as he watches Williams’ performance. She pauses as she leaves the stage, the cold blue light illuminating her in silhouette.

Rating: 3/5

Vanessa Williams enters the stage and views the members in the audience. There’s a single man with a bottle of wine at his table. He’s a regular and attends every performance with her. They’ve talked backstage after the show. He’s given her his number along with compliments about her smooth vocals. She listens but tries not to encourage him.

Up in the balcony, a woman looks on with her glasses. Williams believes she’s a patron, there to justify if she should donate any more to the dying theater. On the dancefloor, several couples dance cheek-to-cheek. The women grip their men’s faces with their hands, clinging to them. The couples revolve in stiff circles, as though glued together. Outside, she has heard the same couples fight and cry.

She returns home to her apartment and kisses her two-year-old pitbull who greets her at the door. She listens to her messages from her mother and brother. In the lobby, the receptionist calls to her and says she has mail. It’s a bouquet of flowers from her best friend, congratulating her on securing some studio time. In two days, she’ll be recording background vocals. She hopes it would lead to session work and perhaps, her own contract.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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