Video Review: Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Jamie Scott & Dya “So Far Away”

At night, a young man sits on the edge of his bed, his legs crossed underneath him. A young woman sits in a bathtub, a blood-red rose in her hand. The rose drops to the floor.

In bed, she lifts the his white t-shirt to her mouth. She and the young man kiss. On the couch, he brushes some tendrils of hair and tucks them in her ear as she sits on his lap. Pieces of the rose break off in tiny droplets, floating above it.

The young woman, wearing her boyfriend’s white t-shirt, stands in the dark with a sparse spotlight on her. Smoke covers the rose. The young man stands to the right, lit in stripes of crimson light. He joins her in the dark, with a sparse spotlight on himself, also but remains at a distance.

In the family room, she throws her arms around his neck and hugs him from behind. They share pizza on the couch. The young man holds the burning rose. She sits in a black chair in the center of the darkened stage.

The rose transforms into white and blood-red paint. She weaves through the red crimson lights. They argue on the couch. In silhouette, she runs her hand on rain-soaked glass. He faces the right as they both stand against a blood red background. Lying in a pool, she runs her hand in the water. Standing by himself, he places his hand on the rain-soaked glass.

She falls, wearing a red dress. The blackened rose deteriorates from the flames. He breaks through the glass. Against the red background, he spreads his arms as black smoke billows behind him. He holds up the rose. The rose falls in the pool of water.

In the darkness, she hugs him.

Rating: 4.5/5

The blood-red rose, with its thick petals and strong stem, suffocates from the smoke and disintegrates into a formless liquid. Nonetheless, the creamy red becomes cruel as the once passionate relationship destructs into bitterness.

However, the couple’s relationship began with hope, as evidenced by the pure white. Wearing his t-shirt, she believed it would lead to a solid commitment. However, he was in it for fun and sought to break it off.

In the darkness, she questions herself and presses her hand against the rain-soaked glass, hiding in shame. He realizes he humiliated her but believes he’s a victim as well. She returns to him in the black, hugging him, wanting to reach him.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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