Video Review: Tatyana Ali “Everytime”

At the concert, Tatyana Ali runs on stage, asking for the house lights to be turned back on and films the audience with her video camera. In black-and-white, they wave and cheer.

Against a blue sky background, she and her dancers perform on stage. The director watches the footage in the control room. Backstage in her dressing room, Will Smith points to a friend. She hugs their mutual friend.

Wearing a white t-shirt, she holds her hand to her heart and sings in her family room. She gives her a boyfriend a stressed smile and rests her head on his shoulder as they sit on the couch.

She sings in the dressing room, as a rose tilts sideways and pets her dog sitting on her lap. She holds the rose on stage as she dances.

Back at home, her boyfriend surprises her with a dog for Christmas. She films the dog licking the video camera screen. She sits across from him on the couch and touches the screen as she films her boyfriend rubbing her dog’s ears. She pouts as she talks to him on her cell phone.

In black-and-white, she wears a t-shirt as she arrives at the venue. Her dancers put on their makeup. She says hello to Chris Fitzpatrick and films Lance Bass backstage.

Back in color, she performs at a mall. B*Witched turn to the camera at the table while security guards stand by. She films the audience at the mall.

On stage, her dancers hand out to roses to fans in the first row.  She walks with her sisters down the hallway of the venue and laughs. Smith shows off her album. Joey Fatone and Lance Bass talk to her before the show. Justin Timberlake gives her a hug.

She shakes her fans’ hands in the first row, in color and black-and-white. She turns to the camera and smiles. The tour bus drives off to another city.

Rating: 3/5

Tatyana Ali does not take her success for granted. She’s been on a long-running sitcom and has the support of her co-star, Will Smith. Smith has mentored and gotten her singing career started. He is proud of her and talks up her talent to everyone he knows in Hollywood.

On tour, she and *NSYNC have traded stories about their experiences. She thanks them for inviting her on the current leg of the tour as an opening act. In the meantime, she keeps in contact with her friends and family back home. Having them around keeps her rooted in reality.

Ten years from now, she doesn’t know if she will be an actor or working for a non-profit. She films each moment as a way to remember that it actually happened. She wants to look back at being a famous teenager and maybe show her future children that dreams can come true.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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