Video Review: Journey “Faithfully”

The manager places the band’s logo on the windshield of the tour bus. In the early morning, the bus takes the expressway and ends up in the mountains by sunset. A band member wipes off the window and views the snow covering the field. Three of the band members share a space on the bus and sleep.

Steve Perry talks to a loved one on the phone at a rest stop. The band boards a plane. Jonathan carries his baby with him. Steve stares at his girlfriend while he practices inside his hotel room. Perry sighs in a limousine.

The band performs on stage. A fan holds up her lighter.

Before a show, Neal laughs as Steve Smith taps his drum sticks on the couch in the dressing room. Neal looks out of the window of the airplane, chewing his gum. Perry shaves his mustache in his hotel room.

Hair dripping with sweat, Perry balls up his hand in a fist as he sings. At the venue, Neal hugs his girlfriend, their luggage surrounding them.

The band leaves on the bus late at night, driving through snow in the Midwestern areas and tunnels on the expressways.

The band takes a bow.

On the bus, Neal and Ross practice. The tour continues to another city.

Rating: 5/5

Steve Perry hasn’t seen half the cities on the tour. He slept through a drive of an entire state. His sightseeing has been relegated to fields and sometimes, for last minutes dates or bus trouble, a miniature view of the city from an airplane window.

Nonetheless, touring is constant work. They start and edit new songs on the bus. He does vocal exercises and chimes in with lyrics. He doesn’t get a break from music. At rest stops and in the hotel rooms, he calls his girlfriend the first chance he gets. She asks him if he shaved and he responds yes. He waits for the stop in the next city. She will meet him at the hotel.

Neal’s girlfriend visited for several stops. They stole each moment they could, waiting for their luggage to be separated and taken to the hotel room. Jealousy stirred in him and Perry called his girlfriend to hear her voice.

Two more months seems like a lifetime. Perry tells her girlfriend to hang in a little while longer, hoping to convince himself in the process.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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