Video Review: Years & Years “Worship”

Outside a parking structure, a car pulls up to several young men leaning against the walls of the building. Olly gets up and the car follows him further into the structure.

The car stops. Olly sighs and hangs up his jacket on a pole. The old man watches Olly wring his arms and walk. He stands in front of the car, twisting the ends of his shorts and begins to dance. He puts his shirt over his head and screams. He falls on the hood of the car. The men exchange glances with one another.

He gets out of the door and the men corner him. They open their mouths to one another but do not bite. He climbs on top of the car and licks the windshield. He hits his head on the windshield and the old man recoils in the driver’s seat.

The men circle him as he sits cross-legged, baring his teeth. He stands up and they dance around him. They watch as he levitates in the air. The men crowd one another in the car.

He sits on the hood of the car with the men surrounding him. They get up and leave.

Rating: 4/5

In the parking garage, Olly and his friends hang out. Neither speak. Some have had fights with their parents over their sexuality. Others were bullied at school. Sometimes, a person will cry.

An older man has spotted them. They all look at one another. The older man looks familiar. Olly believes he’s a closeted Congressman. He allows the Congressman to follow him into the garage. He dances for him and unleashes his anger on him.

His friends urge him to stop. However, he opens his mouth wide to defend himself and shoves them away. He can handle himself. The men get in the car at the behest of the Congressman.

His friends return with money. He comforts his one friend as they sit on top of the car. They all leave at once, looking straight ahead, filing away the experience as one to forget and not to talk about amongst themselves.

Director: Matt Lambert Year: 2016

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