Video Review: DJ Snake & Lauv “A Different Way”

A ten-year-old boy sits on the steps of his porch, hand on his cheek, frowning. A cherry red balloon flies low, hitting the pavement. He grabs it and watches it bounce in his hand. It slips from underneath his fingers and reaches his hand to get it.

He walks down the street, carrying the balloon. A ten-year-old girl watches him from her family room window and grins. He starts to dance between the clotheslines and spins on the sidewalk. He continues to jerk his arms in an empty swimming pool, following the balloon past a mansion. He says hello to a mailman and joins an outdoor yoga group in the parking lot of Yum Yum Donuts.

Three men punch the air and he watches them, trying to pick up their moves and then joins them in their routine. He stops at a basketball court and dances. The group of friends pause their game and watch him.

Three women dance on the sidewalk. As he walks, he climbs the string as though it were a rope and then joins the women in their dance. He runs off. Lauv nods his head as he sits with a friend outside at a restaurant. Three little girls practice ballet on the front lawn of a church. He twirls the little girl in the center. DJ Snake hands him back his balloon at the park and dances with him.

He runs to join a group of dancers performing on a baseball field. As he finishes the routine, he sees his balloon fly back into the sky.

On a mountain, he and his ten-year-old neighbor jump on opposite sides to catch their balloons. At the basketball court, the friends dance with his balloon. He and the ten-year-old girl walk backwards, bumping into one another. The ten-year-old girl walks onto her front porch and smiles at him. He smiles back.

Rating: 4/5

No one wanted to come over today. The ten-year-old slumps on his porch, disappointed that nobody wants to be his friend. A cherry red balloon lands by him and he smiles for the first time that day. Something good has happened to him.

The balloon nearly gets away from him. However, he can’t let it go yet. It’s the only bit of happiness he’s experienced. Feeling better, he starts to dance around the neighborhood and into town. People greet him and include him in their dance routines. He approached the older kids and danced for them. They cheered for him and told him he was awesome. On his way home, he bumped into three little girls practicing the routine for their upcoming recital. He joins in, becoming one of the girl’s partners. The little girl is thrilled to be noticed by him.

He sees a group of professional dancers at the baseball field and performs their routine with them. His confidence has returned. Back home, his ten-year-old female classmate says hello. He smiles, knowing he has a friend. Monday morning, he will go walk to school with his new best friend.

Director: Collin Tilley Year: 2017

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