Video Review: Pitbull & Christina Aguilera “Feel This Moment”

In black-and-white, the screen splits into three screens. The fans cheer on the left and right side inside the venue as Pitbull raps in the center. On the left, it rotates to Pitbull walking backstage and putting on his suit jacket. He smiles with some female fans at a meet-and-greet. The center remains focused on Pitbull on stage. To the right, the equipment is packed somewhere in the venue. The stage begins to get set up.

Pitbull straightens his jacket in the center, which gives way to Christina Aguilera on the stage by herself to the left and returns back to Pitbull. A fan turns a page in the tour book. Aguilera sings while the laser light zig zag across her body. The screen splits into six screen, dividing up the angles of Aguilera on stage. Pitbull remains on the uppermost center of the squares.

To the left, Pitbull spreads his arms, welcoming to the audience. Aguilera is superimposed over the footage. He looks out the window of the plane. To the right (and then moving to the center), she kisses him on stage.

In the next three screens, Pitbull looks out of the window of a car (left), prepares to go on stage (center) and poses with more female fans at meet-and-greets. Posters advertise the upcoming Pitbull concert. Pitbull jumps out of a door to open the concert.

Fans cheering fill the screen. Above, he plays Radio City Music Hall. The screen splits into five. Fans cheer in almost all the angles. Back to the single screen, Pitbull records a song in the studio. The screen splits into six, showing the crew setting up in another venue and Pitbull recording. On a single screen, Pitbull talks on the phone during a break from a meeting. Pitbull thanks the audience and walks into his car.

Pitbull sings into the microphone and it turns into a still in the tour book. A fan flips the page to Pitbull leaning on the railing outside the hotel room. He walks off the plane, carrying a glass of water. The screen splits into three. Aguilera performs in the center and moves to the left. Fans cheer from at least four angles. Pitbull smiles on stage. Aguilera moves to the top of the screen as Pitbull revs up the fans at the concert.

Pitbull writes a lyric in his notebook and kisses a friend backstage after a show. He gives a friend a high-five. He dances while sitting in the plane. Aguilera sings with Pitbull on stage. To the left, a fan closes the tour book. In a split screen, she tosses her hair as she gives a backwards a glance. Pitbull raises his arm in thanks after the encore.

Rating: 5/5

The 2012 Planet Pit World Tour was a whirlwind. Pitbull started the leg in Brazil. By June, he had played some dates in the United States and went to Europe for a month. He returned back to the United States late summer, circled back to South America and by November, he finished in Puerto Rico.

The year went by fast. In between stops, he recorded new music and met fans. He invited some guests, like Christina Aguilera for a few shows. He became friends with the crew. Despite the punishing schedule, he’s grateful to see the stadiums filled every night. He doesn’t know how much longer it’ll last but he wants every fan to have an awesome night. Each night, he opens through the door and smiles. Sometimes, it gets tiring and there are nights he doesn’t want to hear his own music. The fans motivate him to fight through the loop of hotels and constant chaos of being on the road.

He lets Aguilera be in the spotlight. He’s glad she accepted his request to appear on the single and wants to give her the credit she deserves. She hasn’t had an easy road for the last couple years and he wants to help boost her career anyway he can.

Director: David Rosseau Year: 2013

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