Video Review: Mariah Carey “Lil Snowman”

On the front lawn of a home, a little kid rolls a large ball of snow and sticks a carrot in the snowman.

A little boy sleeps in his room. At the North Pole, Santa Claus sits at his desk and dips his pen in ink, writing names on his Naughty or Nice list. The alarm jolts the little boy awake and he runs to the calendar, marking December 1 of 2017 with a giant x. He raises her arms and cheers. In the next room, his older sister covers her ears with her pillows. He jumps on her older sister’s bed. They begin to play and run downstairs.

As it gets closer to Christmas, he and his siblings decorate the tree. They throw on garland and add red bows. They sit together on the couch and examine the presents, trying to determine what’s in it.

They dance in the family room, next to the tree. In the kitchen, the little boy pours sprinkles on the counter. One child mashes the dough. They toss the cookie cutter back and forth. The older sister places the cookies on the tray. with a mason jar filled with almond milk and carrots for the reindeer.

Before he goes to sleep, he counts the cookies on the tray and fixes the garland. Santa Claus opens the front door and is caught sneaking in by the little boy. Santa freezes by the door and the little boy gives him a high-five. After eating a cookie, Santa joins the children as they dance by the tree. Santa places the mason jar of milk back on the tray and rides off in his sleigh.

Rating: 3/5

The little boy had lived in six foster homes. Most complained about him, saying he was rowdy. He would return back to the group home and cry. Adults would pass through to meet him. However, he didn’t get his hopes up. He wondered if the man drank or the woman spent every penny on expensive clothes rather than on their children.

Then, a thirtysomething couple picked him to be a part of their family. They seemed nice and told him he would be living with five other siblings. A couple were adopted just like him. He walked hand-in-hand with his new mom and dad to the front door. They opened the door and saw his siblings clapping. A banner was hanging welcoming him.

His oldest sister became his best friend. She stood up for him if he got too rough with the others and listened to him as he asked questions about his new family. It’s his first year celebrating Christmas with them and he can’t wait. As the holiday approaches, he helps with the tree and cookies. He sent Santa a letter, thanking him for his family and asked if he could meet him on Christmas morning.

All night long, he waited up and then discovered Santa walking inside. He told Santa about the cookies and said he needed to take the carrots for his reindeer. He wanted to know how many houses he had to visit and asked him to the song he wrote on his guitar. He woke up his siblings and together, they danced with Santa. It was the Christmas he’d always wanted.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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